Blank Page Euphoria

I have finally started writing my next book. After about a month of planning and plotting (see here for my post on plotting), I finally hit the blank page.

I love a blank page.

A blank page is a fresh start. A world of possiblities where anything can happen.

But, the blank page can also be a little scary. Intimidating. Like walking into a room full of people naked.

The beautiful thing about using a PC is that anything you write now, can always be changed, deleted or saved in a scene graveyard for later re-purposing. Edits will come later, after the first draft is completed. So no doubts allowed!

For now, I’m savoring the early days of my book, just breathing in blank page euphoria!

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2 responses to “Blank Page Euphoria

  1. I’m on that blank page moment right next to you. Thanks for the inspiration during what I’ve always interpreted as an intimidating moment. I will seek the euphoria instead!

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