Thank You Sumter Electrical Workers!

TGIF ! I can’t say that enough after the week I’ve had. But more on that in a moment. Please be sure to stop by the Scribes and check out my post – Twitter-pated.

My poor tree!

I’m one of the over 840,000 residents from CT who had no power after the freak nor’easter on October 29. I won’t lie. It was hellacious not having heat or electricity for 5 days. We were lucky that our family and house came through okay. Our shed and the Maple tree weren’t so lucky.

Needless to say I had a lot of time to think while shivering in the dark, wondering how I would feed my family and stay warm at night.

Here are some of the things I learned:

1. No wonder our ancestors only bathed infrequently – cold water is COLD!

2. The gas grill is my new best friend.

Close call for my car!

3. There are no calories in cookies and other junk food when you are cold and that is all there is left to eat. (Okay this is a total lie I told myself so I didn’t stress about my poor diet all week).

4.  Never go grocery shopping and stock up the fridge with perishables before a storm (in all honesty – no one and I mean NO ONE in CT has ever seen 20 inches of snow in October).

Chillin' out...

5. Nothing bothers cats.

6. Some teenagers do want to go to school. When faced with five snow days before winter had even officially started, my teenage son was understandably upset. Here in CT, they have to make up lost days, no matter what.

7.   And last but never least  – The electrical crew from Sumter, South Carolina are my HEROES! They drove all the way up to CT and then worked in frigid conditions all day to fix my power. People are justifiably angry and frustrated with CL&P but I know the line crews are all working  very hard to get us all power. Thank you.

So tell me, was your week any better? And what weather survival situations have you been in? How did you cope? What lessons have you learned?

Welcome to the Broken Hearted Club

Hey everyone. Please be sure to visit me over at the Scribes for my post on Chocolate Cupcakes of Doom (and our new recipe page) . And Saturday, be sure to read part two of Lynn Kurland’s interview.

So you may have noticed, I’m not my usual cheerful self.

Another beloved pet has left our family. It’s been  hard to lose three pets in less than a year. Granted, they were all in their elder years.  My cat Ollie was almost 19 (see here)! And there was Sparky (almost 14 years) back in October 2010 (more on him later).

This time we lost Oreo. Our beautiful dalmatian. Our girlie! The love muffin.

The spotted love girl
We adopted her the day before Thanksgiving in 2003. My husband and I decided many years earlier to adopt all our Dalmatians. They are a mischievous breed and not for everyone, so many of them are given up for adoption. She came from New Jersey and was a little freaked out to be left behind by her former owners (who wanted the best for her). I’m glad they decided we would be her new family.
She was six years old at the time. Super lovie and naughty, naughty. Like all Dals, she loved to steal food. She once ate an entire bowl of apples. Later, a brand new loaf of rye bread from Panera was consumed in one sitting. 
Ah, good times. I could tell you more stories, but we don’t have all day.
Eventually, she chilled out. But we were always vigilant. Dalmatians never forget food and will forever swipe anything you’re dumb enough to leave at nose length.
She loved all of us, but her most favorite person was my husband. And he loved her right back. Sometimes, I teased him that he loved her more than me.
Her number one human buddy
In 2005, we adopted Sparky from a shelter. He had been abandoned and was a little loony. He really wanted me to be the only person in his family (I was his number one girl). We made the painful decision to put him to sleep last October, when his body just crapped out on him.
Sparky boy - big dog crammed on little chair.
We faced the same dilemma with Oreo. No matter how sick or decrepit, it never makes the decision any easier. 
I still have two cats left – a brother/sister pair and I know when their time comes, it will hurt just as much. Here’s hoping, I won’t be writing that post anytime soon.
Come visit me next week when I hope to have much better news to share. 
Feel free to leave me a comment your furry loved ones, past and present.