Renaissance Fair Fun!

Another week has gone by already. Where is the summer going?

This past Saturday my family attended a Renaissance Fair. It was the first time my town’s ever hosted one and there was no way I was missing out.

I’ve been to several fairs over the years. My very first one was while I was in college in Washington, DC. My sorority sisters and I attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It’s still one of my favorite college memories.

First stop, King Henry VIII’s court pre-Ann Boleyn.

One of the best part of a Renaissance fair is the cheeky humor.

These are roses made from feathers. I had them scented with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Mmmm.

A tall and imposing Templar Knight. Impressive!

Where else can you find zombie gnomes being gunned down by “gnomeland security”?

Overall, a good time was had by all.┬áAnyone else ever been to a Renaissance fair? If not, what other fun places have you visited? And please visit me at the Scribes – Don’t Fear the Reaper!