Julius Caesar’s Really Bad Day!

Find out why Julius Caeser had a really bad day Et Tu, Brute. Betrayal and Other Fun Topics. And learn how this makes for a better story.

In other news, I have the first round of edits for Mystic Storm. I know what I’ll be doing all weekend!


There May Be Blood, Mr. Lincoln

Happy Friday everyone! Be sure to visit me at the Scribes today for – The Art of Letting Go.

Regular visitors to this blog (and the 7 Scribes) know that I love movies, books, and television shows. My tastes are all over the place –  ranging from Downton Abbey to Shaun of the Dead.

Over the past few years, there have been several books that re-imagined fictional and historical people/events with an injection of supernatual beings. Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, Android Karenina, and coming to you this weekend in movie theaters – Abraham Lincoln,Vampire Hunter.

When I first heard about the books, I was amused. I even read Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. It wasn’t really my cup of tea. So I passed on reading anymore paranormal spoof novels. Being a paranormal author, you’d think I would love these books. But I don’t. It could be that I have very little time to read. Or it could be that I wasn’t in the right mood to enjoy the book.

Who knows?

I do love Christopher Farnsworth’s Nathanial Cade novels. There is a vampire and a president. Except the premise is more unique and more plausible (I know. Laugh. We are still talking suspension of disbelief). The vampire works for the president. As opposed to the future prez hacking up the undead.

The verdict is out on the movie version. I may go see it in the theater. Or I may catch it on HBO. We’ll see.

In the movies, President Lincoln, may be a bad-ass vampire slayer. But this is how I prefer to think about him: as a bad-ass president.


What’s your take on literary classics with a supernatural twist? Any plans to see Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter?