Why Can’t I Fold Paper?

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Everyone has things they are good at. I’m pretty good with ┬ámost crafty type stuff: drawing, painting, needle arts, but there is one thing I stink at. One art that completely eludes me – Origami.

Why can’t I fold paper? What is the deal? No matter how hard I’ve tried, I can’t fold neatly. The end result isn’t pretty!

It all started when I bought an origami book and fancy paper on my honeymoon. After many frustrating attempts, I shelved the book.

And there it stayed, until my oldest son hit seventh grade. ┬áHe discovered the book and lo and behold – the origami gene was strong with him. A bit too strong. I bet there haven’t been many mothers who’ve received phone call that their son was spending too much time on origami in English class.

Lucky for me, he’s an amazing origami artist. He’s able to read those enigmatic directions and produce some awesome shapes.

He’s designed his own flowers.

And he can reverse engineer if needed.

He recently made fifty cranes for our friend’s fiftieth birthday. Here’s the speed version:

Now if he could just find a profession to use this talent . . . life would be grand!