The Finish Line Approaches!

Hi everyone,

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Whew! I’m in the home stretch. Rough draft word count to date – 77,960. Vacation all week has done wonders for my writing. It’s amazing what I can accomplish when my sole focus is on the story. On Monday, I clocked in at 5,021 words (my neck still aches from that one!).

In preparation for the clean-up, I’ve created a list of gaps and other plot related concerns. I’ll address those first. And then, the Inner Critic will be allowed free reign to correct weak wording, typos and other mistakes.

A few hints to tide you over. Stripper pole and Mars. You’ll have to wait until next Friday to find out how.

2,000 Word Streak Continues…

This week’s progress –  @48,000 words. I’m still averaging 2,000 words a day, sometimes more. I credit this productivity to knowing the plot and to squelching my nemesis, the Doubt Monster.

Is every word and sentence golden prose?

Oh heck no. I will have to do a clean up draft before passing the book onto my trusted Beta Readers.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress. So to keep up the momentum, I’m heading back to work. See you next week!

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