The Times, They are A Changin’

Not a lot to say today other than I’ve cut back on the amount of blogging I’m doing over at the Seven Scribes. As a group, we decided to post less based on all our busy writer schedules.

My next Scribe post will be on February 20th. The site recently received a make-over. Take a gander, since yours truly did the actual change over (courtesy of WordPress and their new Twenty-fourteen theme).

I’m in the home stretch of Lachlan’s Curse, draft 1. Yes, someday I will finish this book. I hope to do that by month end. We’ll see.

I haven’t been idle. Just focused on other things. I took an RWA class this past week and I finished edits for Mystic Hero and submitted it to my publisher (fingers crossed that they like it!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Wishing for warmer days!

Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

Happy Friday. Please remember to visit me at the 7 Scribes for today’s topic – Story Overload.

My plan all along had been to wait until September 1 to submit. Except, this past weekend, we were hit with Hurricane Irene. The fear that we might not have power for a week was a great motivator.

Saturday night before I went to bed, I hit the send button and off they all went.

I’m happy to report that full manuscripts for Ascension and Mystic Ink have been requested by several editors. If any offers appear, I’ll be happy to share the good news.

So – the moral of the story – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even if no sales result, at least I did it. And I will continue to send my books until someone buys one (either traditional or indie pubbed).


Last Saturday,  I attended Connecticut Fiction Fest. It was an amazing, whirlwind day. After four pitches, I came home with six requests (4 for Mystic Ink, 2 for Ascension). So, needless to say, I have been busy preparing my submissions.

It’s amazing that no matter how many times and how many eyes review a manuscript, there are always  typos, missing words or misplaced punctuation marks. While giving both books a last minute look over, I had to resist the urge to start tearing into the text.

Even harder, swallowing back that inner doubt (you know, my writing sucks, no one will ever like my book, etc.). To combat the doubt, I remind myself that these are the best books I could write based on where I was at the time they were written. If none of the submissions work out, there are other publishers out there. And I can always indie publish too. All options are on the table.

Upward and onward – I have an aggressive goal of trying to complete two books this year. Not sure if I can do it, but I will do my best. The only way to become a better writer is to keep writing. And that means letting go and moving on to new ideas, new stories, and new characters.

I can’t wait!!