Shakespeare and the Thing

Everyone has probably heard the line in Hamlet – “the play is the thing.” But do you know what the thing is? I answer that question today over at the 7 Scribes – The Play is the Thing by Casey Wyatt.

In other news – Mystic Storm is on sale now!!

And I’m very excited about this – my publisher is offering Mystic Ink for FREE on June 4 and 5!!

Also, starting June 1st, I will be participating in The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads! Please check it out. Mystic Storm will be featured.

Have a great weekend!

TRR Sizzling Summer Reads 2013

A Storm is Coming – Release Day – MYSTIC STORM!

It’s finally here. Zephyr’s book MYSTIC STORM is on sale now at Amazon!! Enjoy!

The Fates haven’t been kind to Zephyr, God of the West Wind. After interfering in a Hero’s Journey, they’ve cursed him. Yeah, he probably deserved it. But come on, does he really have to spend his daylight hours trapped in a woman’s body? And did they have to take away his power over the West Wind, too?

 As if his life isn’t complicated enough, a Muse – a supernatural tabloid journalist – appears on his doorstep. So what if she’s irresistible, whip smart and probably the only female on the planet who doesn’t find him charming, he has dangerous secrets that he’ll do anything to protect.

 Kalliope is a Muse on a mission: Find her wayward brother, Niko, and bring him home. By leaving her island sanctuary, she’s broken the “rules”, but she’ll risk banishment to save him from yet another ill-fated scheme. She’ll even accept help from Zephyr, the immortal world’s most undeniably gorgeous and notorious rake.