The Martini Club: Casey Wyatt’s Frozen Mocha

Happy Sunday. Today, I’m over at Penny Romance. She’s invited me to be part of The Martini Club. I’d love it if — .

Hey there everyone. Devlin Ward here. Today is bring your Satyr to work day. If you’d like to meet yours truly, then click on the link below:

I want to meet Devlin Ward because he’s awesome.

I make a mean froze mocha. Don’t miss it!

You know you want one!

10 thoughts on “The Martini Club: Casey Wyatt’s Frozen Mocha

  1. Casey, your mocha super duper has ingredients I love. I could enjoy each one alone, but 1 1/2 cups of vanilla ice cream? Come on . . . all right, low fat? Either way, I am in trouble. How about replacing the ice cream with ice and splenda? Okay, okay, I give in. Thanks for the post and visit.

    1. Hello Gail – this is Devlin speaking. Unlike mortals, satyrs don’t have to watch their waistlines. But feel free to make any substitution that floats your boat!

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