American Restoration, Pawn Stars and a Web Hunt!

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I don’t normally watch a ton of television when I’m actively writing. And here’s why, over Memorial Day weekend, I made the mistake of checking out one of my favorite channels – History. I stumbled across the show American Restoration. After about five minutes, I was completely hooked. The show is about Rick Dale and his business – Rick’s Restoration in Las Vegas. I fell in love with the mix of history, nostalgia and the quirky cast of employees.

It didn’t take long for youngest son to be sucked in as well. Before we knew it, we were entrenched in an American Restoration marathon. For hours. When it was over, we were a bit bereft and bummed to have to wait until the following weekend to watch more.

Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. Right after the American Restoration marathon ended, Pawn Stars began. Now, I know this show has been on for a few years, but I had ignored it. It wasn’t a “history” program, per se, so I lumped it in with the likes of Ancient Aliens, Ice Road Truckers, and Swamp People  – not for me.

Wrong. I couldn’t resist the old school toys, antique weapons, the haggling (which I’m terrible at), Americana, and the deluded people. Soon, I was talking to the screen  – “You want how much? Why are you even going to a pawn shop if you think it’s worth so much – try e-bay!”


And the History Channel was kind enough to run a marathon for two days! Like a black hole, the show latched on, not only to me, but my hubby and younger son. The only one able to resist – Older Son – his dislike of history battled Pawn Star’s gravitational pull.

At one point, I even told hubby – “The show is research. See, Devlin Ward, my satyr in Mystic Ink, he owns a pawn shop. And all this knowledge will come in handy when I write his book.”

I know. I know. I should hang my head in shame. Pathetic excuse.

Needless to say, I didn’t write very much.

I had resolved to mend my ways. Until younger son informed me – “Hey Mom! Did you see the commercial? Cajun Pawn Stars!”

NOOOOOOO! Curse you History Channel!

So in the spirit of Pawn Stars and American Restoration, consider a hunt of your own.

Today is the start of the Night Owl’s Summer Fun Web Hunt! So what’s a web hunt? Participating authors (like yours truly) have a clue hidden within the pages of their blog. The web hunt runs from June 1 – July 15th.

I’m giving away a $15 Amazon gift card! If you’d like to join the hunt, click on the picture below and follow the rules. Good hunting!

So, what television shows tickle your fancy? And if not television, what are your favorite distractions?

14 thoughts on “American Restoration, Pawn Stars and a Web Hunt!

  1. Great post. I prefer reading to watching television, but make concessions to spend time with my husband while he watches television. Whatever he has on is usually fine with me.

  2. My favourite distractions would have to be cooking programs and cookbooks! Did your husband fall for “the show is for research”! 🙂

    1. I always thought I was weird because I liked to read recipes and knit/crochet patterns. I’ve since learned lots of other people like them too – whew! My hubby just gave me “the look” – that I wasn’t fooling him. But, the mental rolodex will put the information to good use when the time comes for Devlin’s book.

  3. Don’t even get me started on Pawn Stars!


  4. How funny! I’ve never watched, didn’t even know the show existed! Sounds like I’m missing a fun time.

  5. I’ve seen every episode of pawnstars twice. I love that show and I love American restoration. Did you know that that show is a spin off of pawn stars. Rick restores for the pawn shop.

    1. I kind of figured it out because they were both in Las Vegas and then I saw some Pawn Stars with Rick Dale in them. I hear that on season 4, Rick is going to ask Kelly to marry him. Younger son and I debated on whether they were a couple. I have the DVR set to record them now. It will be really hard not to watch all afternoon tomorrow.

  6. We love both those shows at our house too! The Old Man is my favorite. I know exactly what you mean about getting sucked in and watching endless hours of tv …. not that I’ve ever, ahem, done it (Curse you Downton Abbey and True Blood). Can’t stand Ice Road Truckers or those Swamp People (though the men in my house love them), but I have a weird fascination with Ancient Aliens. Not that I believe a word of any of it, only that I’m weirdly fascinated by it. And I can’t look away from that Greek “scientist,” the one with the perpetual sunburn and the bizarre hair. Also, Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet is a riot. Bobo the ‘squatch caller is my fave.

    1. Did you know the next season of True Blood starts next Sunday? I hope there’s lots of Joe. Otherwise, I’ll be off to see Magic Mike. I don’t watch Ancient Aliens because I spend the whole time making fun of everyone. But, I do enjoy United Stats of America (that a new one) and America’s Book of Secrets (which always manages to mention aliens in most of the shows!)

  7. My husband is into Pawn Stars and he had me watch a few, have to admit that it was interesting. I constantly change what I watch but right now if it is BBC and has period costumes I’m in!

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