What’s a Woozle?

This past weekend, to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday, we all went to The Big E. For those of you not from New England, the Big E stands for Eastern States Exposition and it’s our great regional state fair!

There are tons of sellers hocking wares like homemade crafts, beef jerky, leather, furniture and enough fried food to clog your arteries just by standing too close. Fried butter or fried jelly beans, anyone? Hubby ate a crazy burger – a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between a glazed donut (and I totally forgot to take a picture!!)

There are also “as seen on TV” type gadgets and lovely wares like awesome hand-painted ceramics.

And they have a fantastic miniature circus museum. No surprise that only Younger Son and I went inside while Hubby and Older Son sourly waited outside.

They have a parade which included Mardi-Gras floats and colorful beads. Yes, I cried when the dalmatian went by.

So what does this have to do with woozles? The main reason we attended the Big E this year was to surprise Older Son with tickets to see Jeff Dunham!  One of his most famous puppets is Peanut the Woozle. While I don’t have any photos of Jeff on stage (because we were too far and flash photos were not allowed), I do have a photo of the stage.

And Older Son came away with a shirt from his favorite character- Walter!

15 thoughts on “What’s a Woozle?

  1. This looks so fun, Casey! Here in Ontario, we have a similar event called the Canadian National Exhibition, lovingly called The Ex for over 100 years! We love it. Everyone goes and the best part is the food!! Looks like you had fun!

  2. I missed the state fair back home this year for the first time forever, I adore Jeff Dunham! We saw Carrot top at the state fair a few years back. It looks like a blast! Glad you had fun. you should at least have a bite of a fried twinkie or snickers bar ;O)

    1. Hi Carin! That’s a bummer that you had to miss the fair. We generally skip years so we don’t get bored with it! We ended up getting beignets! They are something we can’t get around the area. I have had fried twinkies and oreos before!

  3. Hi Casey,
    When I read the title of your blog, Woozles, I immediately thought of Pooh who is afraid of Huffalumps and Woozles (elephants and weasles). Yes the Big E is an eating fest of grandest order. My personal favorite is … the cream puff, which is the size of a dinner plate! I have to admit, I love Jeff. I like Achmed and Walter, of course, but the jalapeno pepper on the stick really cracks me up. So funny. We didn’t go this year because Parker is too young. Next year we will take her.

    1. Thanks Gerri! Now I have that song stuck in my head from Winnie the Pooh.Jose Jalepeno was a riot. He and Peanut picked on Jeff mercilessly. He actually performed his new act from “Minding the Monsters” so we go to see them all in Halloween costumes. Comedy Central is airing the act (not the one at the Big E) this weekend at 9:00. We have the DVR all set.

  4. We missed it this year. I’m stilling dreaming about those Maine potatoes. LOL

    1. I am bummed we didn’t get to really tour the state houses this year. It was mobbed. They announced that they broke attendance records this year – 1.3 million people!

    1. The horses were beautiful and HUGE! But the Dalmatian did me in. It’s been a year without our girl now. The longest I’ve ever lived without a dog.

  5. Sounds like you had a blast. I love going to the state fair here, which is very similar to your Big E. Thanks for sharing your son’s birthday celebration with us.

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