WIP it Good!

No, I didn’t spell WIP wrong.  I’m not referring to a whip (like Indiana Jones uses), I mean “work in progress”.

I’ve been taking a hard look at my writing goals in recent weeks and I’ve realized that something has to give. One of those things is my weekly blog post. This doesn’t mean that I won’t blog ever again, just that I need to focus on finishing Mystic Storm and my other works in progress. One of the reasons I haven’t finished them is that I only have so many hours a day that I can spend on my writer life and I must start using them wisely.

That also means you won’t see my hanging out on Facebook or Twitter very often. Not until the WIPs are done! Of course, if I have something to announce or share, I will do so right here as always.

While I have finished another manuscript this year – Misfortune Cookie – I can’t sit on my laurels with Zephyr’s book undone. I have several friends, including my wonderful beta readers, who are threatening to go Annie Wilkes on me if I don’t finish the book. How can I argue with that? They know where I live and I’m pretty sure they know how to tie a mean knot.

I am still blogging weekly at the Scribes. Today my guest is fellow Pink Petal author – Krystal Brookes. She writes contemporary Highland romances! Hello hot men in kilts with cell phones!

Anyone else had to readjust their goals? 

10 thoughts on “WIP it Good!

    1. So true. If I could move to Mars, then I could have a 36 hour day! But then again, I’d find it really hard to live with no air!

  1. I totally understand! Last month, I only posted to my blog once. Between real life and writing life, I have to choose where to spend any excess time very carefully. Go on and WIP it!

    1. It was so hard to admit that I needed to adjust how I spend my time. It kind of feels like I’m doing something wrong!

  2. Yeah, have to focus on the writing. I closed my FB account, my GR account. I ignore the twitter stream and speak when spoken to. Can’t get anything done otherwise.

    1. I’ve been a ghost on social media. The blog, sadly, is the next thing I have cut back on or at least post when I feel like it!

  3. late last night I decided that for once I would write a long post. Then I decided to add a photo. Then I wasn’t happy with the photo’s placement, so I deleted it. You can guess what happened right? deleted the post. arghhh. No it was not autosaved. I went to bed. So not only is there not enough time in the day, there is wasted time! So good on you for making the most of what you have Casey! All best.

    1. The same thing has happened to me. You think, “I’ll get this done in no time flat” and then hours have gone by. I decided I can’t deal with unfinished books. That’s what keeps me up nights!

  4. Social media is time consuming. I’m finding that I have to cut back also. There just isn’t enough hours in each day to do everything.
    Good luck with your writing.

    1. Thanks Janna! Same to you! I would happily visit and comment on everyone’s blog, FB updates and Tweets but then I would never get anything done!

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