The Horror of #Word Crimes!

Recently, Weird Al released another album which shot straight to number 1 on the Billboard Chart. Not since 1963 has a comedy album taken the top spot. Kudos to Weird Al!

And lucky for us writers, he’ s addressed a pressing issue – #Word Crimes! Please watch the following instructional video.

Be sure to laugh out loud if you feel so moved!


And then, please reflect upon Weird Al’s wisdom.

In an age where social media reigns supreme, it does seem like grammar is becoming a lost art. Sure, for us writers, solid knowledge of grammar is a must.  But it wasn’t until I chortled my way through this song, that I realized how many of these  mistakes also drive me mad.

Now, to be fair, before I began seriously writing, I’d forgotten some of those rules too. Comma placement continues to stump me. See the previous sentence – I probably used too many commas.  I don’t always punctuate dialog properly and the distinction between blond and blonde often baffles me (largely because publishers all handle it differently).

I am, by no means, a grammar nit-picker but one thing that does drive me nuts is spelling words wrong on purpose.

I’m looking at you SyFy Channel. For shame!!

I’m curious to know – which grammar mistakes drive you batty?



2 thoughts on “The Horror of #Word Crimes!

  1. Ha! I love Weird Al. Thanks for sharing. I do admit to using leetspeak in my phone texts, however, for the sake of my poor thumbs. :”)
    For me, then vs. than is cringe-worthy. Then refers to time. Than is a comparison.

    1. Hey Tam!! I hope all is well!

      To me – texting is a whole other beast! No reason not to be short there!

      And I admit that I occasionally have to think about then vs. than! Thanks for stopping by :)!

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