Six Cats And Holding Steady

During my “blog silence” my family managed to acquire cat #6.

How does this keep happening?

I don’t know. Maybe there’s a sign on my house that says, “Crazy Cat Family: Free Food and Love.” Sadly, it’s probably because people are shit heads and think because they have fur and claws they can fend for themselves in the wild.2015-11-06 08.27.40

This cat appeared on my doorstep in Autumn 2015. As you can see from the photo, she’s a fancy, fluff cat. Not usually the kind of stray hanging around. At first, we assumed/hoped, that she was lost and her family would take her back in.

Month after month went by and every day she appeared at my door.  We checked the neighborhood signs for missing cats and she wasn’t there. I checked the usual on-line places and found nothing there either.

Younger son often found her running around our driveway at 3:30 am on his way to work, so that confirmed for us that she had no place to go.

Each day she got a bit more raggedy and knots were forming on her lovely coat. My husband, sensing (correctly) that we were about to take in cat #6, dug in his heels and declared, “No more cats.”

Ha, ha, ha! (Look at how pretty she is!)

Come on, we all know what happens next. Right?

Hubby didn’t stand a chance.

We’d made a few attempts to coax her into the house that winter but she wasn’t ready. Then, February arrived and along with it, bitter cold. Valentine’s Day morning the wind chill was negative 24 degrees. I was seriously worried that she wasn’t going to make.

By some strange twist of fate, Hubby was camping with the Boy Scouts (annual Klondike Derby) so he wasn’t around to stop what happened next.

Younger son saw kitty on the step that morning and calmly picked her up and placed her in the house.

Naturally, she freaked like she had during past attempts. This time, we didn’t care. We weren’t letting her go back into the bitter cold. Eventually she settled in my older son’s room, where she is now happily embedded as the queen of the room.

And, no, we don’t feel sorry for taking her in.  She is happy, content and as spoiled as the other cats.

I have promised hubby that we wouldn’t add a number 7.

For now. . .





All Hail the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Okay so it’s day 12 of the New Year and what have I done so far? Loads.

1. I’ve submitted Lachlan’s Curse to my publisher. Fingers crossed that it’s accepted.

2. I’ve purchased and am wearing a Fitbit. So far so good, but I’m not moving enough yet. I plan to rectify the situation by walking more and having younger son teach me some of his weight lifting moves.

I got the pink one!
I got the pink one!

3. I’m using My Fitness Pal to track my steps and food intake. It’s easy to use and it’s free. The good news – I am burning more calories than I’m eating. Go me!

4. I am officially one more cat away from being a crazy cat lady. In one week, we managed to rescue one cat from death row (via the wonderful folks at Mary’s Kitty Korner) and take in another stray that I’ve been feeding/seducing into my house for the last year.

The new girl.
The new girl.
The not so new boy.
The not so new boy.


5. I have officially started another book – Making Whoopie (book 2 after Over Easy which still needs serious spit and polish).

And that’s how my first twelve is going. How about you?

Also, this being a new year and all, if you haven’t joined my mailing list – you can find the link here.

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The Cat Gods Must be Crazy!

Somewhere in the universe, the cat gods must be laughing at me. Or I have a sign only cats can read pointing to my house that says “sucker for strays.”

In any case, a few weeks ago, I discovered this little guy in my recycle bin, licking a soup can. So, I fed him. Then, the next day he came back. And never left. He was friendly, wanted love, affection, and a warm house to stay in. We started calling him Pip (as in pip squeak or Pippin).


A magical force must have been at work because hubby, who initially balked when I wanted to adopt Ariel (and he totally loves her now) didn’t say a word when we carted another cat into the house.

As can be seen, he wasted no time making himself at home.


How could I say no to this guy? He is super sweet and loves to be handled. We’ll never know his real name or origin but it doesn’t matter. He decided we’re his. Maybe the cat gods know what they’re doing.