Into The Groove

Happy Friday everyone! Please remember to join me at the Scribes today. Today’s topic – Let’s Hear it for the Doubt Monster. Yup, you read that right. I might just have something nice to say about the pest this time.

It’s taken all week, but I’ve finally gotten back into the groove.

Now that I’m convinced the power is staying on, I’ve been able to work on my NaNo novel (I hate it, the book is crap, but I’ll get over it). I’ve also been critiquing several of my fellow writers books (keep those pages coming, ladies). And I’m finally making edits to The Undead Space Initative.

One fringe benefit to no power last week, I actually read an entire book – Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth (highly recommend it – who could not love the President’s Vampire?). After I devoured that book, I read Until There Was You by Kristan Higgins (another home run – a great read – fantastic job Kristan!).

Overall, it’s been a fairly productive week. My only regret – I haven’t worked on plotting the sequel to Mystic Ink. So much to do, so little time…

So tell me, how was your week? Share please! I’d love to hear how you’re all doing.

19 thoughts on “Into The Groove

  1. It’s taken me a while to get back Into the Groove too…it was like a bad Holiday…Like a Prayer the power finally came back…I’ll Remember the outage for a long time to come…Thankfully we will live to Die Another Day…

    The good news is, the outage gave me some fodder for a new story, which has become my nano project…

  2. I wasn’t without power for long, thank God, but life was very stressful this week. I won’t give grim details, but I have a feeling the next week won’t be much easier. On the upside, my book ON THIN ICE is in its final editing stage and will be out in a month from now. So onward and upward come what may!

    1. I hope things get better for you. I know, whatever the challenge, you will meet it head on and come out shining. Hang in there.

  3. Glad to hear your back on track. And hang in there with your Nano novel. Remember it’s just a first draft. 🙂

  4. Sometimes the world forces a break on us, so I’m glad you took the opportunity to read some fun books. But I’m more glad your power is back on! That must have been awful.
    Not to go neener-neener, but I took a break of my own recently – I just got back from Hawaii this week. I didn’t get much reading done (the ocean was calling) but I got some much needed rest and am ready to tackle my next project!
    I look forward to updates on your Nano project!

    1. Hi Tam! Welcome back. I’ve missed you. I’m glad you had a great time in Hawaii. Yeah, I can’t wait to see what comes out of my NaNo project too! My heart just isn’t into it this year. But I’m hopeful it will turn out all right in the end.

  5. Casey – glad you had a productive week – at least you got some reading time in! My week has been insane, but then…what else is new? Next week will be equally insane. I’ll be traveling to the East Coast. Maybe a brief hiatus is in order!

  6. Slow going on the NaNo novel for moi, but I tried the old plot-points-on-index-cards method, and having a visual got me reenergized. Looking forward to a productive weekend. I’m stopping at Michael’s craft store on the way home for some sock yarn. Never tried making them, but now I’m inspired (Thanks!). Plus I always do some of my best plotting while knitting or crocheting. I’d kind of forgotten that.

    1. OH! Can you make us sock monkeys?!!! Pretty please with sugar on top.

    2. Ohhh. Is that what I need to be doing? Maybe I’ll make another candy dot scarf soon. Crafting is a great way to zone out and plot. Good luck this weekend! If you need any “motivation” you know where to find me.

  7. Wait, you guys CRAFT and WRITE? Great, now I am feeling woefully inept, as everyone is so multi-talented around here. The week left me feeling like and anvil dropped out of the sky and flattened me.

    And Casey, you are kicking my ass at the NaNo count, girl, but I am sorry that your heart isn’t into it yet. It may not be until you start to edit, just get it out and deal with it in its own time.

    1. Don’t feel bad, Tracy! You still have little ones. Suze and I have disinterested teenage boys! And what is this about being woefully inept? I don’t want hear that my OS!! It’s totally not tue.

      As for NaNo, I’m still muddling my way through it. I had a bit of a breakthrough today (solved a nagging issue I had). Just proves that sometimes you have to slog your way through whether you feel like it or not.

      p.s. anytime you want knit or crochet lessons, just say the word!

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