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Happy Friday everyone. Don’t forget to visit me at the Scribes today for – Whip it Good!  

Now that the holiday season is in the rear view mirror, I’m mostly back on schedule. Taking the week off after Christmas is a double-edged sword. I always think I’ll be so productive, but in the end all I do is shop and have fun with my sons.

Not that I’m complaining. We had a great time last week doing fun things like seeing a movie (the new Sherlock Holmes – much better than the last go around). I cherish every moment, since they’re teenagers and I’m lucky they still speak to me. My oldest is eighteen now, so I realize that one of these days, he won’t have as much time for old Mom.

Needless to say, I didn’t make much progress with my writing goals. But, I did purchase a single serve coffee maker. See the lovely photo – that’s my new favorite appliance.

I’m a relative late-comer to coffee. For years and years, I drank tea, eschewing all coffee. I didn’t try my first real cup until I was in my thirties.

Yes, I survived college and young motherhood with no coffee. I’ve always loved the smell of coffee. Growing up, my Mom’s Mr.Coffee machine would dutifully gurgle every morning in our house. But, I never drank it. I didn’t want to become a coffee junkie, always needing caffeine to function – like my mother.

I’m naturally caffeinated and a morning person – who needs it, right?

Before you think I’m a complete freak, I do love tea. And for many years I drank it black, no milk or sugar. Until I discovered flavored tea and Splenda. Suddenly french vanilla tea tasted a whole lot better with sweetness. Around the same time, I tried flavored coffee.

Hated it! I always drank it with milk and Splenda (or sugar).

One day, I realized that the coffee wasn’t the problem at all. It was the milk. I didn’t add it to tea, so why was I adding it to my coffee. Because everyone else did. DUH!

As soon as I eliminated the milk, I liked coffee much better. And, as an added bonus, when I joined Weight Watchers a few years back, black tea and coffee are zero points!


Which brings me to the lovely Keurig  machine. I’m the only tea and coffee drinker in my house, so it made sense to purchase it (nice rationalization, I know, I know).  I don’t need a big coffee maker for one person. It never ends well when I drink an entire pot of coffee. And hot water from the microwave and instant coffee isn’t as much fun.

Besides, I love to relax with a nice mug of tea or coffee while I brainstorm. Yes, I realize that caffeine is not ideal when in the creative mind – but it doesn’t seem to hamper me one bit.

I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a hot drink and have an endless variety of flavor choices.

I love my nifty machine.  It makes hot water too. Is there nothing the Keurig can’t do?

Ahh technology. . .

Sadly, the Keurig can’t write my next book. Only I can do that. Back to the grind!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure beverage? And what specialty gizmo has caught your fancy?

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  1. A good Latte has my name written all over it. My children bought me a Latte machine about five years ago and my husband makes me a Latte in the morning every weekend. Both Saturday, Sunday. He’s awesome!

    I started drinking coffee when was about 13. I drank it black up into my 30’s. Then, Starbucks happened and there was no going back ;>)


  2. I’m a tea drinker, Casey. Milk and half a Splenda, although I’m hearing lots of negative press about the Splenda and will resume adding a tea spoon of sugar to my favorite English Breakfast tea instead.

    I too, grew up with a mom who pretty much burnt out a Mr. Coffee machine at least once a year by leaving it on “warming” almost constantly. Thanks to the smell of burnt coffee and the fact that I once hurled after downing the grounds in the last sip of a left over cup when I was six, I’ve always hated the taste. However, my hubby loves coffee and bought a Keurig last Christmas. I’ll admit that the convenience and variety is wonderful, but the expense of those little cups (not to mention the environmental waste) is a bit over the top. We’ve taken to buying loose leaf tea and filling our own little cups (which my husband found on line-a box of 100 for like six bucks). So now, instead of $2.00 a cup, it costs us about .20 cents for a cup of tea. He hasn’t done the same for his coffee-yet.

    1. I’m on the look-out for the little adapter that lets you brew your own coffee supply. I think our local target has one. The cost of the K-cups kept me from taking the plunge sooner, but since I only drink one a day (if that) I’m not too worried. And as far as waste, I empty out the grinds and throw the little cup in the recycle bin. I still love tea the best and I use the machine to brew from my large collection (I’m not giving that up for K-cups).

  3. Cheryl, my hubby makes me mochas on special mornings. I’m going to have to convince him weekends are special… 🙂
    Casey, Keurig is fun, and any technology that makes the house smell like caffeine is welcome.
    I’m raising a virtual cup to all my writing buddies. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Ann! I do love the smell of coffee, especially butter toffee and chocolate raspberry truffle. Cheers to you too, sister! 🙂

  4. I’ve had a keurig for years and we love it! It’s even great for my kids to make instant soup and hot cocoa. Enjoy your new toy!

    1. So far I’ve resisted the hot cocoa (since that is loaded with fat and calories), but as a treat I do love it. My oldest son has already used it to make Ramen with good results. Thanks for stopping by Donna! Happy Friday!

  5. Love the new look of the blog, Casey! We all know I love my coffee, milk, usually no sweetener. I also love tea, always black. I would love a Keurig machine (so convenient, and the coffee is just so darned good out of those things!). I’ve resisted buying it because of the expense and environmental waste of those little cups — PJ, I will have to talk to you about that online source you have. I might be able to justify it at that point, especially if the cups were biodegradable. Incidentally, I have a friend who works at Bed Bath and Beyond. She is absolutely militant about the K machine — horrified every single work day by the incredible numbers of K cups that are purchased at a time. She refuses to buy a machine or cups. And she could get a nice employee discount on them too!

    1. I resisted over the cups for a long while but now I toss them in the recycle bin (minus the coffee). And there is an adapter that lets you use your own coffee supply.

    2. Thanks for noticing the re-design! I love the Steampunk owl. He was in a shop window in downtown Mystic. I would have taken him home with me, except he was $145 dollars. I wish the header showed more of him. He was really neat.

  6. I love my Keurig. Amazon sometimes has a special on the K-cups in their subscribe and save. Depending on the brand they can be .30 to .50 each. I’ve also got the adapter, but it’s a pain in the butt to put in on and off, that I only bother when we run out of K-cups — which hasn’t happened since I found out BJs has them in bulk boxes — It’s like the size of a photocopier paper box! LOL

  7. Green Tea is my morning drink of choice. I have never been a coffee drinker, but have been known to indulge in an ice cap in the summe–ice, cappachino syrup and milk blended into a foamy, frosty concoction. Yummy!

    1. Hi BJ! I always start my day with a cup of green tea. I save the coffee for around lunch time (as a treat), then I have to stop the caffeine. Otherwise I’m up all night. And the recipe sounds super delicious. I don’t know if I can wait until summer 🙂

  8. I must confess, I’m addicted to Carmel Mocha’s..Starbucks preferably. And my husband buys a chai latte everyday. Not such a great combination for the waist line. But what can I say, I’ve got to live a little. 🙂

  9. Casey, the more I read from you, the more I think we were separated at birth! We have teenagers, we like roller derby, we never drank coffee but loved the smell–girlfriend! Where have you been all my life? 😉

    I have not yet jumped on the coffee bandwagon and don’t foresee that happening. But my guilty pleasure drink is the same as it’s been since college: diet coke. When I was in college, I used to drink about 6 a day. Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser!), I try to limit myself to only 1 because I know soda is so bad for you. But I can’t cut it completely out of my diet. I try to drink caffeine-free, but as I get older, more and more I sometimes need that little boost to help me get going. Ah, well. If that’s my worst habit, I suppose I’m not doing too badly!

    Love your fun posts!

    1. It’s possible that we are kindred spirits Rose! I love diet coke too. But I don’t drink it often anymore either. Thanks for the kind comments!

  10. Enjoy your Keurig!!!!! Love them! We came real close to getting the one from my husband’s work when they closed their doors. But, alas, someone else snatched it up. But we got lots of paper clips and post it notes. 🙂

  11. Whoa! I wondered if I was on the right website for a moment. Love the new look!
    I seldom used to drink coffee, either, preferring tea, but the last year or so I’ve switched. I make “special” coffee (a splash of Bailey’s) on weekends, and now my friends call it “Tami coffee.” Funny how the thing that gets my name is my little vice rather than one of my fanatic, do-it-myself foods. I must have surprised them 🙂

    1. I am envious of your food making skills! I wish you weren’t so far away, otherwise I’d be at your doorstep with a bottle of Bailey’s, hoping I could mooch some of your food!

  12. I drink non-fat cocoa as my diet cheat, but my true love is masala chai — that’s Indian spiced tea made with milk, sugar, and various spices. Luckily, its available all over the place these days, sometimes called Chai Latte. Unluckily, it’s about a thousand calories. My mom was also a constant coffee drinker and even though I’ve tried for the health benefits, I just can’t like coffee.:-(

    1. Chai tea is wonderful! But I don’t drink it much anymore for the same reason – too many calories. I didn’t grow to like coffee until a few years ago and it has to be sweet for me to really enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by Karin!

  13. I can live without my coffee, but not very well! I have a French press and a Nespresso machine. The Nespresso is addictive in a big way!
    I used to be a tea drinker, but not so much these days. I can sleep after a cup of coffee but cannot sleep after drinking black tea – and before you say anything… I don’t like herbal teas.

  14. I have a Keurig and it’s great, especially because I live alone. One cup in the morning and I’m happy. After that, it’s tea for me, which I also drink black. I had great plans for the week between Christmas and New Year’s, but unfortunately … I got the flu 😦 Trying to get back into my routine now and I have to say, it’s tough. (sigh) Maybe I should go have a cup of tea.

  15. The keurig doesn’t work for me because I must have freshly ground beans, and I also find the k-cup coffee to come out a bit weak. Also, I don’t need to make it easier for me to get a cup of coffee — I would end up so over-caffeinated that I’d vibrate like a jackhammer.

    I Looooooooove kitchen gadgets of all kind. My food processor died recently during a horrible hummus accident. Ah, well, it had a full life. So I have been fantasizing over the “Ninja.” And it doesn’t have to be electronic; I saw an informercial the other day for “eggies” and it’s now on my wish list.

    1. Yeah, there are days when I overdo the caffeine – much to my regret later. I’ve never met anyone who’s burnt out there food processor before. Nice! I’ve seen the Ninja around, but not “eggies”. Will Google it now….

  16. Eggies are just about the coolest thing ever. I too love kitchen gadgets but since I don’t cook I usually avoid them and buy shoes instead.

    1. Oh my! I Googled “eggies” I seriously need those. I always break an egg or two when hard boiling no matter what I try. But, you know, shoes are pretty cool too. How often do you really boil eggs and you need to wear shoes. Decisions. . . decisions.

  17. I’m a coffee gal, but unfortunately I can’t do caffeine. So a large decaf in my hand when I begin writing is the way to start the day. Good post.

    1. Thanks Callie! I can only do about two cups of caffeine a day. There are some days when I only do one and it’s decaf the rest of the day or water. I drink a lot of water. It gets boring sometimes!

  18. HI Casey! I love a good breve — latte made with half and half for those not familiar with the term. It’s hard to find a really good breve or latte and darn expensive these days! I never liked coffee at all until a friend turned me on to lattes with half and half. And on the low carb diet it’s perfect! ; ) I also like mocha lattes and caramel macchiattos, but since I don’t drink any sugar in my lattes, those two are always a little too sweet for me. Like dessert! My drug (drink) of choice, however, is (drum roll) DR PEPPER. I am a Pepperholic. I need a 12 step program!! Nice to meet you!

    1. Hi Tess! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Dr. Pepper is delish! I drink the diet version since I need to watch my calories! Nice to meet you too! I hope you come back and visit me again!

  19. I just got a Keurig, too! And I have always been into coffee, though I prefer tea after dark, for some reason. My sister just sent me a big box of Kahlua K Cups — yum. I highly recommend them for helping you power your way through your wordcount!

    1. Where are on earth do Kahlua K cups come from?? My favorite right now is Chocolate Rasberry Truffle. I’m going to have to go stock up again!

  20. My coffee machine is a favorite and gets plenty of use, but I do try to limit my intake every now and then! For a quick, easy and delicious after dinner dessert I pour a shot of freshly brewed espresso over a scoop of home-made vanilla ice cream (or store bought) and serve! Your family or guests will not be disappointed!

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