Blog Awards and 7 Fun Facts!

Happy Friday everyone! Please remember to visit me over at the Scribes today where Susan Muller discusses her new book – Secrets on Forest Bend!

This past week I was graced with two blog awards: “The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award” and the “Inspiring Blogger Award”.

Thank you so much: Marilyn Wigglesworth (Sweet) and Carrie Daws (Inspiring).

Both awards only ask that I share seven interesting or random facts about me and that I pass this award to other deserving bloggers.

So here are my seven things, in no particular order:

1. I gave birth to my youngest son on the bathroom floor. And before you ask, I went into labor and gave birth in the space of about twenty minutes.  The kid couldn’t wait!

2. I went to college in Washington DC. While there, I earned bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Psychology. I figured, I should earn two BAs for the price of one.

3. While in DC, I was also an intern for two Smithsonian Museums (on separate occasions): The National Museum of American History and at The National Zoo. And yes, both places are as cool at they sound!

4. I’m a life long sci-fi/fantasy geek. I love Star Trek and Star Wars. Since I’ve attended two Trek conventions, if pressed to choose, I’d say I love Star Trek more.

5. I met my husband while working at a movie theater. I worked concessions and he was head projectionist. Yup, that was a cool job too.

6. I’m a proud member of Phi Mu Fraternity, Gamma Delta chapter. I even served as chapter president my senior year in college.

7. I taught myself to knit and crochet, during the dark time, while I avoided being a writer. I love to make socks, gloves, scarves and amigarumi. In between books, I fall back to my yarn stash for a bit.

In the spirit of the awards, I must bestow one of these prestigious honors on other worthy bloggers (10 for the Irresistibly Sweet Awards and 14 for the Inspiring Blogger Award).

To the recipients, please take a moment, thank the person who gave you the award, list seven fun/interesting things and pass this on to other deserving blogs.

My choices are as follows (please check them out!):

Irresistibly Sweet Award:

1. Julia Rachel Barrett

2. Joy Shaw

3. A. C. Cockerill

4. Gail Ingis

5. Tam Linsey

6.  Frankie Robertson

7.  Carrie Daws

8. Kinley Baker

9. Kerri Nelson

10. Lisa Kessler

Inspiring Blogger Award:

1. Jennifer Fusco -MOD Blog

2. Tim Greaton Forum

3. Mare’s Place

4. I’m in the Kitchen

5.  Jessica Aspen

6. Jimmie Chew

7. The Passive Voice

8.  John Sealander

9.  Mia Marlowe

10. Glenise Clelland

11. Savannah Foxx

12. Avery Flynn

13. Soul Mate Authors Group (a shout out to all my fabulous Soul Mate sisters!)

14. Writing Secrets of 7 Scribes (seriously – I couldn’t leave out my fantastic fellow Scribes)

What blogs have you read that have inspired you lately? What are your favorite sweet (or cute) blogs? And how about you? Share a fun fact or two!

22 thoughts on “Blog Awards and 7 Fun Facts!

  1. OMG, Casey! You are a wonder woman, especially after sharing that birth story. 🙂

    And you taught me a new word: amigarumi. Had to look it up! 🙂

    Congrats on all your awards.

    1. Thanks Rose. Sorry about the amigarumi – I forget that not everyone crochets!! The birth story is kind of funny. Especially since my second son is so laid back. I don’t what his hurry was!

  2. Very cool, Casey. You keep surprising me, girlfriend! Great choices for passing the love along. i especially like the Gail Ingis nomination. She’s a super nice lady, and I don’t throw the word “lady” around too often. A woman of substance to be sure!

  3. Whoa… you gave birth on your bathroom floor. That’s a story to tell the grandkids. LOL. Thanks for sending me the award!

  4. Wow, you are my hero! Bathroom floor, huh? I would have been freaking out. And I can totally picture you as the fraternity chapter president. You probably did a more thorough job than anyone they ever had. 😉

    Great list of nominees, too. Congrats everyone!

    1. Yes, bathroom floor! I didn’t have time to freak out. It all happened so fast. The benefit was that I barely stayed in the hospital. I was raring to go home after that!

  5. Thanks for the nomination! I’ll get to this over the weekend. Your career is so interesting! This is why I know you’re a great writer – life experience!
    I got you beat. I made it to the hospital with my second kid, but she was born in three minutes – at least not on the bathroom floor! In the car! Too funny!

    1. OMG – you too!! Now I know we are kindred spirits. I am so grateful I wasn’t in the car. We will have to compare notes one of these days. And it was your second child! I agree – too funny! You’re welcome for the award – you are also at the top of my sweetie list!

  6. I never realized how interesting you were! I feel like we all should do this.

  7. Thanks Casey for the inspiring award! I truly appreciate and am honored to receive it!

    I love your 7 fun facts…you’re an incredible woman and I’m honored to know you!

  8. Hi Casey,

    Thank you so much for the award. I believe it is the first I’ve received for that blog! I feel incredibly undeserving but thank you very much!

    Will try to pass it on soon and I haven’t forgotten about your prize. I owe you, sista! 😀


  9. Thanks for the sweet award Casey!!! 🙂

    And you gave birth on the bathroom floor in 20 minutes??? *boggle* That baby really did want out… Right away!!! LOL

    Fun blog!

    Lisa 🙂

    1. You are so welcome! I enjoy your blog. It brings a huge smile to my face! I love your kitties! And mine are 13 and they still manage to get into trouble.

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