Kitty, kitty, kitty

Meet Pepito!

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...and Madeline. Kitty in a box!

Today, I thought I’d try something different. All of my other pet blog posts have been after my beloved babies passed away. So rather than wait. . .

. . . I’d like you all to meet my two lovely cats, Madeline and Pepito. And yes, they are named after characters in the children’s book, MADELINE by Ludwig Bemelemans.

I’m happy to say these two are alive and well. The thirteen year old brother and sister pair keep me on my toes.

Anyone with cats will tell you that they never really get too old to play or get into things. I can’t count the number of times I’ve woken up to find my pens and pencils all over the place . And yarn, watch out! It must be hidden away lest I find it wrapped around every chair leg in the house.

Every Sunday, Pepito and I tussle over the newspaper. I try to read it and he tries to sit on it. See how that works?

I am the King of the Newspaper.

And there isn’t a  plastic bag that Pepito doesn’t like . The one below is from Pier One Imports. Both Maddy and Pepito loves to lick plastic bags. Does anyone else’s cats do this?

Plastic bag, anyone?

Like all cats, they think they own the house and, by extension, me. Pepito tends to get in my face while I’m at my computer for my day job. Once the day job is over, they switch off and Madeline becomes my new velcro attachment.

She thinks that my writing chair at the dining room table is hers. I’ve written many things while sharing half of my chair with her. Honestly, she is so cute. Sometimes I can’t kick her off…

This is my chair!

They are the only two pets that have made it into one of my books – Ascension. Two cats bear a striking resemblance to my kitties. Because I write paranormal, there is more to them than meets the eye. Sorry, but you will have to read the book to find out what the secret is.

One of the things I love about cats is that they tend to leave you alone, unless they want something. And they sleep for hours on end. Some days I wish I could do that too.

Ahh, the life of a kitty....

Tell me about your  four legged friends.  And, seriously, does anyone else’s cats lick plastic bags?

32 thoughts on “Kitty, kitty, kitty

  1. I love all animals, but I’m more of a dog person than a cat person. You’ve met my faithful companion, Zak, so you know I’m one lucky dog owner. He’s got his quirks, but at the end of the day, I’m pretty sure he’d give his life for me…let’s see a cat do that:-)

    Your kitties are adorable!

    1. Thanks. They are both very loveable. I do miss my dogs, but for the time being, we’ve decided to get off the heartbreak express. Last year was a tough year for pet loss and I’m not ready to welcome any new animals into our lives at the moment.

      And your dog Zak is a sweetie! And he is so darn cute, with those soulful eyes.

      1. Going through that right, Casey. Lost my beautiful husky-shepherd mix dog on Nov. 27th, still cry several times a week. I do love cats, too, but I’m deadly allergic to them. Otherwise, I think I’d get a cat to help me over the grief. Many people have said that pets are a gift from God and I believe they are!

  2. Hi Casey,

    What a charming post! I adore my cats and also have two right now. The Burman is fifteen and still plays like a kitten! My calico is 17 pounds and the sweetest kitty I’ve ever had. Everyone who meets her, including people who dint like cats, live her! 🙂
    They’ve wrapped yarn around chair legs but they have never licked plastic bags!
    I also have two English Setters that I adore!
    Thanks for sharing your kittys with us!

  3. I lived with a cat in college, and he used to love to take showers with us. Go figure! I can’t have cats in my home–too many of us are allergic–but we do have a small short-haired dachshund. He is named Kip, after Rudyard Kipling. He often sits with me while I write, although he prefers to be ON my lap where my laptop needs to be. We have to tussle about this quite often. Animals are so much fun, and such great companions. I’m glad to meet Pepito and Madeline!

    1. Pepito loves to stalk me in the shower too. He sits between the curtains and occasionally jumps me. I’m the only person he does this to. I love dachsunds! They are so cute. I often dog-sit my Mom’s mini-schnauzer and she is the same way. Always wants to be on my lap. She is so cute, it’s hard to resist her charm.

  4. So cute. I have five cats of my own: Livvy, Koi, Heiwa, Tiger, and Carver. They keep my cabin mouse free, and their various attitudes make me laugh every day.
    Love the pics. Another great bog post by Casey. Thanks.

    1. Nice! I bet all your kitties are adorable!! And cats have such a range of personalities. I’ve noticed that they can be a private as people. I never really observed that with any of my dogs.

  5. Wish I could have a cat right now. But we can’t have one where we live. So I visit my mom’s cat, Gracie on occasion. She’s my adopted pet. 🙂

  6. Ww have two dogs–a 14 y/o Jack Russell terrier with a thyroid disorder, and a half blind, hyperactive German shepherd whose convinced he and the Jack are the same size (only he’s 150 pounds and her age matches her weight). We also have a much maligned cat.

    Great post! My life wouldn’t be the same without my furry children. 🙂

    1. I love Jack Russell’s they are so spunky. Oreo had a thyroid condition too. And so does Madeline. She has the one that is too fast and Oreo had to the too slow kind. And you are so right. There is never a dull moment when you have pets.

    1. He may have bad ass written all over him, but he is a wimp when people come over. He runs and hides. Suze can attest to that. Maddie is the social butterfly of the two.

  7. Mine don’t lick plastic bags, although they used to “bag surf” on our hard floors. One time, our orange guy managed to get his head through the handle. He freaked out and streaked through the house as if the devil himself were chasing him. (It was! The bag was on his back.) In the process, he managed to shred most of the bag except for the handle, which was still around his neck. Finally, he stopped long enough to let me pull the remainder of the bag off over his head. I swear, the look on his face was, “You mean that’s it?!?”

    To this day, though, if he gets into something he can’t extract himself from, he’ll walk over to where I am so I can help him. As long as I remain calm, he’s serene, too. But as soon as my nerves light up? He’s wired, too.

    1. Love the bag surfing, Rhonda! We get that too with paper bags and boxes. And your poor kitty. At least he is smart and comes to you for help!

  8. I do love animals! We have one black shorthair and a Norwegian Forest Cat (long hair). Plus the dog, of course. My cats avoid plastic bags, but they are suckers for paper grocery bags with a hole cut in the bottom. And yes, the house belongs to them. Even the dog must give way to the cats.

    1. So, I’m hearing that I’m the only one with cats that have a plastic bag fetish. Ollie (my 18 year old who died last May) never did the plastic bag thing. None of my other cats did either. Just these two. Maybe it’s genetic!

  9. Love your kitties, Casey! Such sweeties (though I rarely see Pepito!). Our tuxedo cat, Ellie, is 6 years old. She doesn’t lick plastic bags, but she does like crinkly stuff under her feet. She is an excellent mouser and brings us gruesome, headless and/or disemboweled offerings of love several times a week. When she does play indoors, she likes to pounce on a toy mouse tied to a long piece of yarn, which her people must throw for her over and over again.

    1. Ellie is so pretty. I love tuxedo cats. Or as I call them Sylvester kitties. Mine stay indoors due to the busy road outside. I am sure if they could, they would bring me gruesome trophies. I know any bug that strays into the house gets eaten. They enjoy watching all the squirrels and birds on my deck. You can see the “killer” wheels turning in their heads.

  10. From the pictures, it looks like you lost both the newspaper and the chair war : ) They are so sweet!

    Buddy was our golden retriever who passed away about 2 years ago. He (all 75 pounds of him) would sit on my husband’s lap, in the recliner, and eat cheezits during football games. We currently have 3 dogs – Biscuit is a puggle, Daisey and Larry are bassett hounds. Each so unique in their personalities. Larry enhales his food so fast that the bowl moves across the floor. And despite being a hound, he never barks. Daisey wants to be in your lap 24/7 and whines at the back door most of the day. Biscuit guards our back yard and the entire street behind us while sitting on top of a whicker table on the back porch. We all feel safer knowing he’s there!

    1. Yup. I lose the war most days. With the newspaper, I put out a token section of the paper and he promptly sits on it. So now we both get what we want. I’m sorry to hear about Buddy. I’ve never had a golden but I know they are fabulous dogs! And your other dogs sound like a blast to have around.

  11. I always find cats very pretty but I am a dog person. I still miss my doggie. My parents got a new one but I look at her and think this is sooooooo not the same.

  12. I find it funny to say I am no longer a cat or dog person. I am a BUNNY person. My son talked us into a pet rabbit, which was supposed to go outdoors (he even built a hutch) but when he brought her home at 6 weeks old, we were having a cold snap (in the negative temperatures) so I agreed to let her live inside in a box for a week.
    Well, that was it.
    Abby Rabbit now has a permanent cage inside the house. We let her out to run around (with supervision – she chews things, although bitter apple spray stops her for the most part.) She is litter box trained, so there are no messes. And she is totally and completely “into” humans, insisting on being on a lap or at your feet as often as a cat does.
    Thanks for sharing pictures of Madeline and Pepito!

  13. We have 5 cats and a dog, a Weimaraner named EDGAR ALLAN POE. Yes, we live in Baltimore. Three Maine Coons (Rufus, Hon, & Chessie) a Bengal (Harry Spotter) and a stray (Faith). They each have a unique personality. 🙂


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