Owl Love You Forever

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In case you haven’t noticed before, I have a thing for owls. When I updated my blog, the first image I reached for was an owl. I found the owl to the left at a shop in Mystic, CT called Whyevernot. The only reason this guy isn’t in my collection is because he cost $149.00.

I’m pretty sure my owl obsession began with my youngest son and his first stuffed owl – Oogles. We found Oogles sitting alone on a shelf at Old Sturbridge Village. He (yes, he’s a boy), was already looking a bit man-handled. My son reached out from his stroller and latched on.

Over the years, Oogles has had many adventures. He even has his own Christmas hat.

This is Oogles

Oogles is still with us and he still looks a bit care-worn, but he is well loved all the same.

From there we (younger son and me) steadily began acquiring more and more stuffed owls. But we didn’t stop there.

We moved onto to glass ones, owl mugs, owl lawn ornaments. Owl Christmas ornaments. You name it – we probably have one with an owl on it.

Lest you think I’m totally crazy and need a hoarders intervention, I don’t have a zillion of them. Not yet anyway.  Although if you did come to my house, you wouldn’t have to look far to find an owl.

I even have owl business cards

I’ve often wondered what makes us gravitate towards certain animals. When I was growing up I had a thing for unicorns (what teenage girl doesn’t have a brief fling with the lovely unicorn?) and a later I really liked penguins.

I know, I know. I’m strange!

But admit it. We all like some things more than others. And for me, it’s the owl and their soulful eyes and quiet presence. They are silent predators in the wild. But in my house, they are my constant watchers.

And they’ll be my companions as I begin my next adventure.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing my next book. Since the release of Mystic Ink and the positive reception, I’ve decided to write the next book in the series – Mystic Storm (one of these days I will complete Devil’s Advocate!). This is Zephyr’s book. God of the West Wind. I won’t say more than that. If you read Mystic Ink, then you know why he’s up next.

Until next time, remember – Owl love you forever!

Time to share. What’s your favorite obsession? Anything you like to collect? Any owl lovers out there??

35 thoughts on “Owl Love You Forever

  1. I love owls! They’re one of my favorites. My aunt has a thing for horses—and owns actual horses—and it’s hard to count how many she has around the house in pictures, knick-knacks, etc.!

    1. I’m so happy to hear I’m not the only owl lover. And I know its hard not to fill your house with all kinds of knick-knacks! Thanks for visiting me today, Stephanie!

  2. My obsession has to be kitchen tools and I have a collection of Irish pottery. We were lucky to have a baby owl in our garden for about a week some years ago and it was such a wonderful sight to see!

    1. And you put those kitchen tools to great use. I had no idea there was such a thing as a yogurt maker until I visited your blog! I would love to see a baby owl in the wild that must have been something special.

  3. My favorite item to drool over–lighthouses. I have pictures of them on my walls,replicas of little ones, big ones. I just love them. I’m going to have to do a story sometime about the mystery of a lighthouse, shining its beacon in the night. Good post.

    1. Lighthouses are beautiful! Several years ago, hubby made my mother a wooden lighthouse (from a kit). It came out really nice. She still puts it out in the summer. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for a lighthouse related story. I know it will be fabulous!

  4. Owls are amazing, mysterious creatures. My friend’s daughter LOVES owls and anytime I see something owl-unique I buy it and send it to her. Owls are SUPER popular right now! You are way ahead of the trend!

    1. Wow. I’m excited to be ahead of a trend for once. I did comment to younger son that recently there has been an increase in owl related merchandise. Pier One seems to love owls. They had colorful owl wall prints last year. I bought all three of them. Lucky for me, they matched my walls. I would have hung them up anyway! Thanks for visiting me today, Tonya!

  5. Owls are powerful totems, Casey. Native Americans associated the meaning of owls with wisdom, foresight, and keepers of sacred knowledge. Similarly, West African and Aboriginal Australian cultures viewed the owl as a messenger of secrets, kin to sorcerers, as well as companions to seers, mystics and medicine people. During medieval times in western and central Europe it was fabled that owls were actually priestesses (witches) and wizards in disguise.

    The owl is sacred to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena, and is even depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth. In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures the symbolic meaning of owl revolved around guardianship of the underworlds, and a protection of the dead.

    Owls represent wisdom, mystery, secrets, intelligence, mysticism and protection. The owl has chosen you and your son for a reason and will serve you well if you listen to its messages when they present themselves to you.

    Along with the bear, owls are also one of my totems:-)

    1. Thank you PJ! Younger son will be thrilled to learn all of this. I knew about the Greek mythology aspects of the owl, but not the other cultures. Seriously, it’s nice to be chosen by such a wonderful creature.

    2. I should have read everyone’s comments before posting my own, PJ! I couldn’t agree more! I have owl as a totem, too, along with dog. The owl often accompanies my Master Teacher guide, Merlin. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Casey. I am anxious to have people read MERLYN’S RAVEN. But I have to be clear: the Merlyn in my novel is much, much different from my Spirit teacher, Merlin. I can hear him laughing right now about the idea of being a romantic hero!

  6. Owls have always been my favorite forest creature. Maybe because they represent wisdom and mystery as PJ shares. What a fun and informative post and commentary. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ann. I’m happy I decided to do a post on owls. I was leery at first, worrying that everyone would think it was bizarre. I actually saw my first owl about two years ago along the highway in Massachusetts. It was a Snowy Owl. I thought I was imagining it at first, but they do come down to southern New England from time to time. It was thrilling.

  7. What a great obsession! My daughter rehabbed a barn owl and we helped her release him. It was great. We still see him if we hike late in the evening. We set him free in a perfect area for hunting small rodents.
    Hmmmm. I have no obsession aside from rock collecting. I guess I just like shiny things!

    1. Barn owls are so beautiful. I don’t know if anyone else has read the book Wesley – all about a scientist who loved and raised a barn owl for twenty years. It’s an awesome book and it made me cry, but I’m not sorry to have read it! I learned so many cool facts about barn owls and gained even more respect for them.

  8. Here we go again, Casey: another similarity we share! I am an owl woman, too!

    In Native American tradition, it is believed that we all have totem animals, who carry particular energies or “medicines” that are important to us. The medicines of owl are magic, mystery, omens, silent wisdom, and night vision. If you and your son are drawn to owls, it’s probably because he is one of your totem animals, and he has something to teach you about these subjects. Rather interesting that you write paranormal romance–perhaps he is helping you with some of the more magical aspects of that. 🙂

    1. Yay! I have another owl sister. I do have an actual Owl Sister (hoping she will stop by today – must tweet her in a moment). Rose – I know for a fact now – that we must be kindred spirits! And I appreciate all the owl knowledge that you and PJ have imparted to me today. :o)

      1. Casey, I can’t think of a nicer person with whom to share the owl and a kindred energy! 😉

  9. Hi Casey! This is a great hobby! My son loves owls, too. When he was little, he would spend hours listening to the Audubon DVD with the bird songs on it. He called owls “hoos”…it was so cute. He would say, “Mom, look, there’s a great grey hoo.” :^)

    1. Awww…. that is so incredibly cute. I love it! I have an Audubon Society Owl app on my iPod. I love it. Once younger son was at Boy Scout summer camp and they could hear Barred Owls all night. Thanks to my trusty app, I know what they sound like now. So cute – great grey hoo – love it! By the way – I found that link on your site for the owl barn. I nearly squeed myself to death!! I already made the free PDF calendar. Thanks for hooking me up. Or feeding my obsession. Take your pick.

  10. If it’s any consolation, I have a thing for cats. Used to breed and show them, even. We are now down to *only* 5 cats. They are a big part of my life. I think we each gravitate to our favorite animals for a reason. They resonate with us, whether as totems or as companions, they complete us.

    1. Hi Sharon! Youngest son and I are cat lovers too. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all my dogs, but there is something about cats. I did a post on them a few weeks back. I’m totally in love with Pepito – he really is my little buddy. And you are right – they do complete you! Thank you 🙂

    1. Shoes are nice too. But they really aren’t very cuddly (not like a cute stuffed owl). On the other hand, you can’t look sexy with owls strapped to your feet. I have a good friend who also loves elephants (a smart, community minded animal!).

  11. My latest obsession is my books. I have them stacked everywhere. The books shelves just aren’t big enough to hold them all. But I still don’t have enough. Would love a chance to read. Thank you.


    1. Omigosh Lynn, I have so many books. A lifelong obsession! Drives my hubby nuts that I have so many. At least with e-books, I don’t have to find room on a shelf. There is never enough time and space for all the books we want to read.

  12. Hey there, Owl Sister! Great post. The owl, as a representative of Athena, was my college mascot, and I have loved them ever since. Do you put them around your desk when you write?

    I surround myself with maps. For some reason, I can stare at a map and become completely inspired, even if it has nothing to do with what I’m writing.

    Can’t wait for Zephyr’s book….

    1. Yay! There you are! I do have owls on my dining room table (which is where I write). And funny you mention maps – I enjoy staring at them too. I found this app for my iPod touch that has all these historic maps from the Renaissance and roman empire. They are fun to look at too.

      I’m starting Z’s book as soon as I finish this post. Then I’m going off the radar for a bit. We’ll see if I can have the first draft completed in March.

  13. I like owls too. I desperately want a little saw-whet owl for my very own. OK, OK, I know they’re endangered, and extremely elusive, and maybe wouldn’t make the best pet, but gosh darn it they’re the cutest things! And any creature that catches and eats rodents is a friend of mine.

    1. They are really cute, but you’re right owls do not make good pets. In fact, I think it’s illegal now to keep them (part of the endangered species act).

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