Icebergs, Owls and Lobster Grilled Cheese!

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Last Friday, my family and I had a fun day. Naturally, we visited the one place we can all agree on – Mystic, CT.

First stop- Mystic Aquarium!

The newly opened Titanic exhibit:

Did you know that jellyfish have no organs?

For lunch we visited Olde Mistick Village and enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches at the Bleu Squid.

I ate a lobster grilled cheese while looking out this window. They make awesome cupcakes too.

We saw more owls. And brought a few home too!

Our last stop, Downtown Mystic. I visited my steampunk owl. He is still there at Whyevernot. He’s $445.00! Maybe someday he will be on super sale. Or I’ll win the lottery…

Overall, a wonderful, lovely day!

11 thoughts on “Icebergs, Owls and Lobster Grilled Cheese!

  1. Beautiful weather and what’s not to like about Mystic. I love the owl too, but agree that he is a bit expensive. Claim him as yours and the Universe will bring him to you.

    1. It was really, really good! We also tried a great bleu cheese with tomato and bacon! Did I mention the bread was homemade too. Drat! Now I’m hungry too!

    1. Yes indeedy! It was a very yummy sandwich. And don’t get me started on the mint chocolate chip cupcake I had for dessert!

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