Sisterhood Of the World Blogger’s Award

I am thrilled to receive the Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award. Thank you Meggan Connors!

Without further ado, here are my seven tips (since I’ve run out of new things to say about me).

1. Balled up newspaper works great for drying out the inside of drenched sneakers. Next time you get your sneaks soaking wet, try it. You will need to pull out the wet paper and replace it with dry, but it will get the wetness out faster than air drying and using the dryer. Credit fo this tip goes to the Boy Scouts!

2. If you want to read a well written book like 50 Shades of Gray (without actually wasting the time and money and reading the words inner goddess 82 times in one book), then I’d like to recommend Sylvia Day’s Bared to You. Steamy, thrilling and downright dirty, this is the book that should be selling a zillion copies a day.

3. When smelling scented candles, sniff the lid, not the actual candle. By doing this you will get a better idea of what the candle will smell like and how strong the scent will be when it’s lit. Yes, I have a loads of practice candle sniffing at the Yankee Candle Flagship Store (in Deerfield, MA) and at various malls. And speaking of Yankee Candle, my new favorite scent is Whoopie Pie!

4. According to my bestest buddy Lisa – food has no calories when you are standing up. Or if you are at a party. Or if it’s your birthday. Did I miss any? I’m pretty sure that is a load of crap, but it’s fun to believe while snacking. Tee hee!

5. I have never left the continent of North America. I tell my hubby that I must travel to places, like Australia, to prove to myself that other parts of the world are real. I know that they are there, I’m just hoping he will buy my excuse.  Some day. Some day soon, I will explore other places.

6. Movie theater chains make their money from the concession stand and not the actual films. This is why a bottle of water costs $4.00 and popcorn $7.00 (although our local chain give free re-fills on large size, probably because popcorn is dirt cheap to make). I only know this because I worked in a movie theater, where I met hubby.

7. When making grilled cheese, instead of buttering the bread, melt the butter in the pan. This will give it that crunchy, buttery sheen like you get when you eat grilled cheese in a restaurant. What? You never order grilled cheese . . . I told you about my lobster grilled cheese sandwich, remember?

I will now dutifully dispatch the award to:

Recipients, please tell everyone 7 things about yourself, then pass the award to 7 blogger sisters!

And I’m blogging over at the 7 Scribes today – With Rebel Yell – where I share pictures of my latest adventure. And I’m blogging with the Soul Mate authors – Step Back in Time.

17 thoughts on “Sisterhood Of the World Blogger’s Award

  1. You forgot to mention that food has no calories if you’re sharing. Make sure hubs has the guest bite, because then all the calories go to him. I’m certain it works. Right?

      1. Yes, you can blame your iPhone! My friend has also reminded me that broken cookies have no calories, food eaten as parties also have no calories and there was one more I can’t remember now!

  2. Great tips. Very interesting. I’m going to start eatting standing up to see if it really works. However, I’m wondering if it’s just that you eat less because you want to finallly sit down. Humm! Will have to definitely try it. And congrats on your award. Very exciting.

  3. I love being your sister but I’m so bad at this! I will try… I swear it!

  4. Thanks Casey. I loved your tips. I never heard that trick about the newspaper and tennis shoes. Great tip.
    I love Yankee candles. I think they know me by name. Every room in my house has candles in them. Whoopie Pie, is one of my new favorites also.

    1. The newspaper tip came in handy – big time – after we get drenched at the Ren Faire! It saved my sneakers for icky wet sneaker smell! And yes, Yankee Candles are awesome! I need to convince hubby to make me a special shelf for them.

  5. Thanks Casey. I love your fresh approach to sharing things about yourself. I’ll put my thinking cap on for this. Must say I love the Sisterhood imagery. Glad to be a part of it.

  6. Hi Casey, thanks so much for the shout out here and including me in this Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award! Sorry for the late response. I’ve been on vacation all week and have only been online sporadically. Finally couldn’t stand being so out of touch though so I had my husband rig up a hot spot for our car on the way back. It’s been fun catching up on your posts and everyone else’s. Loved your 7 tips! 🙂

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