I’m Dreaming in Ink!!

Today, I’m being interviewed at Dreaming in Ink! Please stop by and say hello.

Here’s some ink to stare at. Not mine, but my Hubby Scar’s cool dragon tattoo.

9 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming in Ink!!

    1. It’s really cool. He took the design from a dragon I cross-stitched for him. The artist matched it right down the to color.

  1. Wow, Cool tattoo. My daughter has a beautiful mermaid that she created tattooed on her thigh.

    1. Sounds fun. How do you decide what to get? I think that is the biggest reason I’ve never gotten one. I change my mind all the time and tattoos are so permanent.

      1. Every tattoo I get has some meaning to me. So if you want to mark some event in your life or something that means a great to deal you, then you get a tattoo that represents that. My next tattoo will represent my first published book. Hope that helps you.

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