Happy Release Day to Me! #kindle

I’m so excited. And I can’t quite believe that my fifth published book is out today. If you purchase a copy (thank you very much!), and you have something positive to say, please do leave me a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Every bit helps!

Thanks for all your support and kind words over the last few years!!

Mystic HeroA wise Satyr always pays his debts. Pawn shop owner Devlin Ward isn’t stupid. When Karma appears on his doorstep to cash in an old favor, he can’t refuse. It’s a simple request – accept a delivery and keep it safe. Unfortunately for Devlin, the “package” is a sullen teenage oracle who insists that he locate the Feather of Truth. Or else.

A promise is a promise. Mary Swain, aka Ma’at, Goddess of Truth, honors her word. For the first time in centuries, she’s finally free of her debts and wants a new life, preferably away from Mystic, where every quaint shop and cozy restaurant is a reminder of her unreliable ex-boyfriend. Finally, she’s leaving and nothing’s going to stop her.

But when Devlin approaches her with the oracle’s dire warning and a frazzled plea for help, she can’t resist a tempting new adventure or his quietly sexy allure. Despite his best efforts to feign indifference, she knows Devlin is attracted to her too. He claims to have deep, dark secrets that even the Goddess of Truth can’t pry out of him. Or can she?

6 thoughts on “Happy Release Day to Me! #kindle

  1. Yippeee! Congratulations, Casey. Enjoy and celebrate the milestones, I say:-) Being an author is so full of ups and downs, it’s nice to take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishments along the way.

  2. Yay! I just bought a copy of Mystic Hero. Casey will you sign my Kindle for me?

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