Galloping Goulash!

I’m coming off a week of answering loads of  interview questions for an upcoming blog tour, so I’m taking a break from talking about writing. Instead, I want to talk food.

Okay, I know it’s still summer, but this is a great, easy recipe for a rainy day. Especially if you have loads of tomatoes sitting around. And fall weather will be here soon enough so you can save it until then.

It’s around this time of year that I start getting sick of eating “summer” food because we don’t want to heat up the house. This is one of my older son’s favorite recipes. I don’t mind making it for him since it’s pretty easy and cooks up fast without me hovering over the stove too long.

I improvised this recipe for goulash. I know there are numerous versions of this, but it’s the basic American version with ground beef, sauce, and pasta.

Here’s what you need:

1 – 1.5 lbs of ground beef

1 box of shaped pasta (choose any shape that floats your boat)

1 onion sliced  or chopped

1 can of diced tomatoes with basil & oregano (or if you have fresh tomatoes use those instead)

2 can of tomato sauce (the 14 oz size)

Grated Parmesan cheese

If have them, I also add in fresh oregano, basil and parsely. If not, dried is okay too.

Cook as follows:

1. Brown the ground beef with the onions in a large skillet until onions are soft or meat is no longer pink

2. Add tomatoes and tomato sauce, bring to a low bubble (not boil!), lower the heat, cover, and simmer for about 20 -25 minutes.

3. Boil water and cook pasta  (use the al dente directions so it doesn’t get mushy). Drain pasta. I usually take out about a bowl full because and leave it plain. Older son snaps it up. I find that a whole box is too much and absorbs all the sauce. So use less and add more later if you want.

4. Add the pasta to the sauce/meat and blend. If you have fresh herbs, add them now. I let that simmer for about 10 minutes (or the time it takes for the pasta to soak up some sauce).

Right before serving, I add in the grated cheese to taste. Enjoy.

If you have a moment, please stop by the Scribes where I talk about using the 5 senses – Scents and Sensibility.

Who has a favorite go-to recipe?  And anyone else ready for a change in season?

Renaissance Fair Fun!

Another week has gone by already. Where is the summer going?

This past Saturday my family attended a Renaissance Fair. It was the first time my town’s ever hosted one and there was no way I was missing out.

I’ve been to several fairs over the years. My very first one was while I was in college in Washington, DC. My sorority sisters and I attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It’s still one of my favorite college memories.

First stop, King Henry VIII’s court pre-Ann Boleyn.

One of the best part of a Renaissance fair is the cheeky humor.

These are roses made from feathers. I had them scented with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Mmmm.

A tall and imposing Templar Knight. Impressive!

Where else can you find zombie gnomes being gunned down by “gnomeland security”?

Overall, a good time was had by all. Anyone else ever been to a Renaissance fair? If not, what other fun places have you visited? And please visit me at the Scribes – Don’t Fear the Reaper!

Gone Fishin’

Happy Friday everyone! I’m on a much needed vacation this week so I don’t have a much to say.

Instead I offer a series of photos of my favorite places. For vacation I like to take day trips with younger son. Older son is entrenched in the teen-man cave and hubby doesn’t have as much vacation time as I do. But we don’t mind. We have plenty of fun without them.

Freeman Farm, Old Strubridge Village, Sturbridge MA
Stonington Point, Stonington, CT – This movie theater facade was added for the movie Hope Springs (Meryl Streep/Tommy Lee Jones flick).
Yankee Candle Flagship Store – Deerfield, MA

If you have a moment, I’m blogging over at the Scribes about – Decisions, Decisions.

How about you? Where do you like to go for fun and relaxation? 

Icebergs, Owls and Lobster Grilled Cheese!

Happy Friday! Don’t forget to visit me at the Scribe for Wacky Days!

Last Friday, my family and I had a fun day. Naturally, we visited the one place we can all agree on – Mystic, CT.

First stop- Mystic Aquarium!

The newly opened Titanic exhibit:

Did you know that jellyfish have no organs?

For lunch we visited Olde Mistick Village and enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches at the Bleu Squid.

I ate a lobster grilled cheese while looking out this window. They make awesome cupcakes too.

We saw more owls. And brought a few home too!

Our last stop, Downtown Mystic. I visited my steampunk owl. He is still there at Whyevernot. He’s $445.00! Maybe someday he will be on super sale. Or I’ll win the lottery…

Overall, a wonderful, lovely day!