Rewrite The Stars: A Heart of the Sea Novella

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Celebrity astronomer Dr. Cassiopeia Carmichael needs to get away from it all. Her career is in shambles. Her love life is a mess because she can’t commit to the man who might be the “one.” A working cruise might be just what she needs to rethink and regroup.

Aeronautical billionaire Taron King can have any women he wants, but Cassie is the only woman he desires. The sexy scientist has given him the brush off for the last time. By reuniting with her aboard the cruise, he’s ready to remind her that they share more than passion and that there’s no denying the spark between them.

Invited to lead the Heart of the Sea’s inaugural astronomy cruise, the last person Cassie expects as her co-presenter is her jilted lover, Taron. Seven days, six nights, trapped on a ship with the one man that, time and again, she’s never been able to keep her hands off.

Will Cassie find more excuses to run? Or will she finally embrace her destiny in Taron’s arms?

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