Seven Scribes and Other Writing Adventures

Starting next week, I’m part of a new blog – Writing Secrets of Seven Scribes. We’re an eclectic group of aspiring and indie published writers from many genres: young adult, middle school, inspirational, mystery, paranormal/urban fantasy and erotica.  Our goal is to share our writer’s journey, to inspire and to entertain.

We have each taken a day of the week – I’m Friday’s Scribe. And later, we will all be publishing a short story on the site based on the poem Monday’s Child. Be sure to check us out. Even better, subscribe so you won’t miss out.

A while back, I blogged – Dont’ Go It Alone. The Scribes’ blog is an example of joining a group that can foster your creativity, provide inspiration, and give a kick to the pants when needed! Not to sound like a broken record – if you’re a writer and serious about publication – find a group, find a critique partner or partners, find somebody else who loves to write! My world has opened up exponentially since I joined with my awesome critique partners and the CT RWA. I promise, you will become a better writer!

I hope to see you all at the new blog. Scribe on!