The Revision Blues

Greetings and TGIF. Please remember to visit me at Seven Scribes for my Friday post. This week – book vs. the movie version.

So draft one of The Undead Space Initiative is done. Yay me!  Now on to the hard part. Draft clean up.

Right now, I’m still in the first chapter.

Why? (Especially after almost 12,000 words a week for a month. At that rate, I should be halfway done with revisions.)

Because I let myself get bogged down in doubt (the crappy monster is at it again). I thought I was writing more of an urban fantasy with strong romantic elements.

But then, I decided to play “what if”. What if I moved the meeting of the heroine and hero up to the beginning of Chapter One – so it’s more like a romance?

A little slicing and some dicing later and now I have two versions of chapter one. Eek!

After a few slaps to the head and a week later, I’ve realized what I’m doing. Avoiding revisions. I don’t need to obesses over the first chapter. I can deal with that later. Geesh.

So moral of the story – don’t play “what if” during rough draft clean up. Save that for later, when you’ve given the book to your first readers. Then torment yourself!

5 thoughts on “The Revision Blues

  1. I ended up making the first chapter of my latest WIP my sixth so I feel your pain. What chapter feels right? Go with that one.

  2. Rooting for you as you continue your revisions. You’re a talented author. So don’t let that doubt monster mess with your story.

  3. OK. I have only 7000 words that i have revised 25 times, i dunno, lost count. That is a hyperbole. After all those galzillion workshops I can’t help but edit. This last one is changed so much it could be the start of a new book. YIKES! i am moving on. That’s it. I know, I think I have a name for it, “Obsessive Compulsive.” :((( Good excuse, NO? Movin’ on………. And good luck to you Casey. Have a cup of coffee/tea and finish your story. Oh Lord, if I could only follow my own advice. Got a Beta reader, anyone reading your stuff? Who’s giving you input. You must have a crit group of your own, right? Want me to read something for you to just say I like or not?

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