The Undead Space Initiative

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As promised last week, I finished the first draft of my book – The Undead Space Initiative. I’m in the process of reading it and will be cleaning it up over the next few weeks.

So what does the planet Mars and a stripper pole have to do with each other?

Read on to find out more:

Cherry Cordial, vampire stripper extraordinaire, spectacularly messes up her life with a single act of kindness. How could she have known when she rescued gorgeous rogue, Ian McDevitt, that she would be implicated in the Vampire Queen’s murder? Soon, she faces the wrath of the entire vampire community. To escape retribution, she joins a settlement program to colonize Mars. Her choices are grim: possibly die on the red planet or stay on Earth and face certain annihilation.

17 thoughts on “The Undead Space Initiative

    1. Thanks! That was one of those times when the character’s name and story popped into my head. I was driving at the time so I had to chant the name until I got home and could write the idea down.

    1. Thanks Julia. I recently saw that Entangled published a novella about a vampire in space (more like a space opera in the year 3,000 something). So I was encouraged that someone out there might actually buy this book.

  1. You know I’m chomping at the bit (or should I say writhing around the pole?) to read this one! Congrats on finishing the first draft!

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