Evil Plotting

Yay! Another Friday. Don’t forget to check out my post over at the Scribes – I’m late, I’m late…for what exactly? and meet the Naggy Bunny.

Another week has come and gone. And I’m sad to say, not much plotting has happened for Devil’s Advocate.

I spent most of the week helping my fellow writers. I’ve been honored to read their works in progress and provide my feedback. I’ve read some sci-fi, paranormal romance, middle grade adventure and contemporary. I have such talented friends!!

I’ve received feedback on The Undead Space Initiative. So far, no one has told me the story is bad. I’ve gotten mostly high marks, which is always nice. Still, I’m not resting on my laurels. There will be edits. I’m not sure what form they will take yet.

I’ve been mostly reflective this week. Thinking about my new characters. What do they want? How will they achieve their goals?What happens next (my favorite question to answer).  Not all that different from talking to my sons (what do you want to do with your life?).

Just thinking about the word “plotting” brings to mind a different word – scheming. When you think about it, as a writer, you really are contriving an entire story out of thin air – creating a whole new world that didn’t previously exist. Totally cool and frightening at the same time. And once the story is published, then that world is shared with your readers. They bring their own expectations and realities. Your world isn’t only in your head anymore.

It’s a big responsibility, which is why I spend more time on plotting, character creation, etc. than I do writing. I’ve learned the hard way that planning ahead works best for me. In a few weeks NaNo WriMo will begin and I plan to be prepared (like a good Boy Scout mother).

It’s hard to believe Fall is almost here. I’ll leave you with a photograph I took last October at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. If you live in the area and you’ve never been – plan a trip. Right now.

Here comes Autumn

12 thoughts on “Evil Plotting

  1. You are an awesome friend to put aside your plotting to help your fellow writers 😉 I love that you think of plotting as scheming.
    I’m putting together a “1001 Questions” session for my writer’s retreat this weekend, which is basically a plotting exercise. I’m using the book Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card. He suggests such amazing ways to get yourself to think of the story.
    Good luck this upcoming week. You will be receiving some more USI feedback soon 😉

  2. That sounds awesome Tam. You’ll have to let me know how that works during your retreat. Have fun and happy plotting. And I can’t wait for more USI feedback!

  3. Yes you are an awesome friend to your writer buddies. Sometimes this seems like such a solitary endeavor. It’s amazing that we have such a supportive writing community to make it a little less so. All of my plotting and scheming is geared toward setting the stage for marketing and promotion lately. Surprisingly, it takes some of the same brain muscles as creating new worlds on the page. There is that same creative frenzy of ideas, organizing them into a plan, and then implementing, tweaking, adjusting and hoping that somewhere along the line, it starts to form a coherent and manageable product. That said, I can’t wait for the “world building” to slow down, so I can actually work on writing the next book. keep up the good work, Casey.

  4. Wishing you much plotting luck, Casey. You will certainly blow us away with your next book. Incredible that you are able to write at such a quick pace. Such an inspiration!

  5. “When you think about it, as a writer, you really are contriving an entire story out of thin air – creating a whole new world that didn’t previously exist. Totally cool and frightening at the same time.”

    So true Casey, so true!!!

      1. I hear yah about the craving!

        And thanx for visiting me as well 🙂

  6. You are very sweet and supportive! I know what you mean about plotting, but I like to think of it as creating. I’ll head over to your other site to see what you have to say today!

    1. Hi Julia! Thanks! You guys are all making me blush. I’m not doing anything my friends wouldn’t do for me. And yes, creating is a much nicer word. More positive, less diabolical.

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