Attack of the Lazies

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Gorgeous days are meant to be savored.

Lately, I’ve been suffering from extreme laziness. I blame some of it on grieving for my doggie (understandable) and some of it on the beautiful weather we had this past weekend in New England.

I’m a firm believer of carpe diem (seize the day). So on a gorgeous, sunny 80 degree October day, my youngest son and I visited one of our favorite places – Old Strubridge Village.

Since we’re members, we can enjoy our time. There is no rushing, no need to beat the crowds. Even though we’ve seen it all a million times, it doesn’t lessen our enjoyment.

How could you not stop and relax here?

We walked our favorite  trails and visited all the historic homes. We even watched the naughty pair of young oxen being trained. Last time we visited in June, the oxen “babies” broke out of their pasture pen and took a tour of the surrounding fields.

Overall, it was a memorable day. I was sad to see it end.

I enjoy spending time with my fifteen year old. I know, sooner or later, we won’t spend the same quality of time together, so I plan on savoring each moment we have for as long as I can.

Tell me, how do you like to spend your down time? What is your favorite place to visit?

14 thoughts on “Attack of the Lazies

  1. I don’t blame you for taking a break, Casey. Losing an animal is hard. So give yourself time to grieve. And spending time with family can certainly help.
    The weather here has been gorgeous too. Walks and day hikes are my escapes. Getting out into the sunshine always lifts my spirits. 🙂

    1. Thanks Joy. I hope the sun returns soon. I hate not being able to walk outside. Right now the rain is coming down in sheets!

  2. So sorry you lost your Oreo and the other in the year of farewells. Gorgeous pics. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gail. Next time you head towards Massachusetts, please stop and visit Old Sturbridge village, there are many more beautiful vistas!

  3. Give yourself some time to grieve and reflect. The writing will be there when you come back to it.

    When i really need to escape, I go down to Powder Hollow park in Hazardville and skip stones into the river.It’s a place where I can be alone with my thoughts and my childhood memories can carry me away. Sometimes that’s good and other times it’s painful, but it always clears my mind of whatever is bogging me down.

    1. Thanks PJ. Yes, Powder Hollow is a great place to go. So peaceful and often you’re the only one there. Thanks for mentioning it. I forget it’s there!

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, Casey. It is hard because our pets become family members, and we love them as such. Give yourself a chance to grieve and heal. Now to answer your question, there are a few places I go. I live along the back side of a state park, and sometimes I will take the pugs for walks along the trails. They like to chase rabbits, and I like to look for arrow heads. Sometimes, I will take a ride up to Kent Falls, which is the place that inspired my first novel, According To Legend. I also enjoy going to the shore. I like to be around water because it gives me peace. Today in the rain, which I also love, I will curly up with a book, which, besides writing, is one of my favorite pass times.

    1. Ahh, curling up with a book sounds great! Thanks for the kind words. I’ve never been to Kent Falls. I will have to add it to my list of places to go.

  5. You’ve had a lot happen in the last few weeks, so I imagine your mind needs a rest. And spending time with your son while he still wants to is not laziness – it’s smart. You can’t ever get the time back once it has passed, so carpe diem is a wise choice.
    If I can afford it, I like to travel for my down time. Next week we are taking a family vacation to Hawaii. The kids will be with us the first week, then we send them home and embark on an inter-island cruise (my first!) I plan on being ultimately lazy 🙂

    1. Tam, that sounds so awesome. Have a great time! I hope you’ll share some pictures on your blog when you get back. Thanks to for the sound advice. I try and spend as much time as I can with both of my boys. I know, someday, they will have families of their own so I want all the fun I can get with them.

  6. And yet, Casey has not been too lazy to crack the whip on a certain Sister Scribe who’s been dealing with the Doubt Monster and his foul brethren, the Inertia and Procrastination Monsters. (For which said Sister Scribe is very, very grateful!) You aren’t really being lazy, you know. Maybe you just need a short break. Short like a vacation, with a firm ending date 🙂

    1. That’s just my control freak, nagging personality coming through! Thanks for letting me help you out! I always worry that a short break will turn into years, but then I have my Scribe Sisters to kick me in the butt.

  7. I love OSV! That and Mystic Seaport where I am a member to both places. I went for a leisure day down to Mystic this past weekend…it was Chowder Day! Yum! But I have to admit, I didn’t rest. In fact, I came back with the start of not one, but three story plots for a historical I am starting. I’m going to try my hand at that. So much for resting…

  8. We love Mystic too. We used to be members of the Seaport, but the casino traffic killed it for us. Three plots – that is fantastic. I’m psyched to find out what you’re writing next.

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