Show me the Cover!

Happy Friday everyone. Please stop by the Scribes as we wrap up our first theme week – joining an organization.  Check out my post – Don’t Go it Alone!

I received something very exciting this week –  the cover art for Mystic Ink!

When my editor sent me the cover questionnaire, I realized that I had no idea what I wanted. In the past, I had a few ideas, but they were all kind of nebulous and strictly in my head.

The questionnaire was a reality check. Mystic Ink needed a cover because it was going to be published.

OMG I sold a book!!


I did. It’s real. I didn’t imagine it.

Take that Mr. Doubt Monster.

So, I thought long and hard, then responded with my preferences and information about the story and characters.

I was eager to see the cover for the first time. With my name on it!

Needless to say, I was thrilled with the results.  I now have something tangible to look it.

Next hurdle, edits. When I get those, you can be sure I’ll share that experience too.

Tell me, when have you anticipated something? Did the reality meet your expectations? Or would you do things differently?

36 thoughts on “Show me the Cover!

  1. Ohhh, that cover is HOT! And you got it back fast! Other authors I know wait for months to get their covers. I’m so excited for you!

  2. Your cover is AMAZING! I love it.

    When i first saw my book in print, I kissed it, smelled it, and then hugged it. Of course about five minutes later, I found a typo and wanted to cry. This business is filled with ups and downs. Enjoy the ups!

    1. Thanks. I can’t take any credit. It’s Soul Mate’s cover artist. I won’t be able to smell my book right away. Maybe I can sniff my Nook?

  3. This is a great cover! Seeing my covers for the first time has been more exciting than anything else. That’s when it becomes real for me. Enjoy this wonderful time– you’ve earned it!

    1. Thanks Brinda. I’ve enjoyed looking at it all week. I have it set on my iPod Touch’s home screen so I see it all the time.

    1. It is pretty hot. The first thing my youngest son said, “Well, Mom. You got your hot abs.” The boy knows me too well.

  4. HOT! HOT! HOT! Awesome cover and congratulations. Enjoy this first taste and smell of success. I’m sure it’s something you’ll always treasure … like your first true love. May this turn into a life long marriage of dreams partnered with ongoing achievements.

      1. I’m hoping so. 🙂

        It looks amazing, and now that I can see it up close, I see some sort of statue in the background. Who is that supposed to be? Such detail!!!!

  5. I adore it! Can’t wait to get my hands on a print version. There will be a print version, won’t there?

    1. I know me too. I want to have an actual copy in my hands at some point.There is going to be a print version, just not right away. Pretty standard for e-pubbing.

  6. Amazing cover Casey. Go for it! It has all it needs, appropriate images, color, values, design balance. Gorgeous.

  7. How exciting!! The cover looks awesome! So glad it is moving along- won’t be long till we all read your book! I may even have to get an e-reader.

    1. Thanks Carol! I hope the book doesn’t disappoint. If you don’t want to purchase an e-reader, maybe you can borrow one from your library (if they have them). I appreciate your support (I know it’s been over ten years since I first asked you to read something I wrote!).

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