So I was Like….

Happy Friday everyone. Don’t forget to stop by the Scribes. My guest today is Sharon Buchbinder! Don’t miss a chance to say hello.

So here’s how my week has been. I’ve had this stuffy nose (either a cold or sudden allergy onslaught after the freak warm weather here in New England).

Needless to say, I’ve been dragging my sorry carcass around with a box of tissues and a grumpy attitude.

And when I attempted to write, my characters decided to give me crap.  Kind of like this:

Me: “Zephyr, I’m so sick of you.”

Zephyr: “Who me? I haven’t done anything wrong.” He spots a bag on the dining room table and reaches for it. “Is that a new book?”

Me: I ignore the question.  “Why are you making my life so difficult?”

Z: “Don’t look at me. It’s all in your head.” <plastic crinkles>

Me: “Sure be a typical man. Deny that you have any part in all of this. Why did you have to go and piss off the Fates? You’re making my life hell.”

Z: “If I hadn’t you wouldn’t have a story to tell, now would you?”

Me: “I don’t appreciate the cheek. If I wanted that, I’d go find Devlin.”

Devlin: “Did someone mention moi?”

Me: “No Devlin. I’m too stressed out to deal with you today.”

D: “Well pardon me.”  He turns to Zephyr. “Has she been like this all week?”

Z: “You have no idea.” He pulls out  J.R. Ward’s Lover Reborn and brandishes it in my face.

D: “Hey, she’s reading about those vampires again. What? We aren’t sexy enough for you?” He flexes his muscles. “And you have the nerve to complain that your word count is bad.” <wags finger> “For shame!”

I sit in the corner, chanting, “I’m the Author Goddess. I’m the Author Goddess…”

Zephyr, examines his nails. “Yeah, keep telling yourself that, sweetheart. Devlin, up for a round of drinks?”

Devlin says, “You bet your windy ass I am. Oh, mighty Author Goddess, have fun with the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Too bad they aren’t going to write your book for you.”

They leave me muttering to myself like an idiot. I’m so pathetic even The Doubt Monster feels bad for me this week.

And on that note, I leave you with this great comic. Thank you Toni Andrews. You don’t know how badly I needed the laugh!


26 thoughts on “So I was Like….

  1. At least you have an excuse for being a slacker. Alas, I have none…

    Loved that cartoon!

  2. Casey, you’re a hoot. I’m sorry you don’t feel well, but you did make me laugh. I’m so glad to have someone to commiserate with on the sarcastic and somewhat unsupportive cast of characters! They really do have minds of their own! Take care and rest over the weekend.

    1. Thanks Mandi! The owl was in a storefront window in Mystic CT in a shop called – Whyevernot. They have the coolest stuff in there. Alas, the owl was $149.00 otherwise, he would have ended up in my collection!

  3. Casey, sorry you’ve been feeling under-the-weather. Obviously those men of yours have no sympathy and need a little b-slapping around, go ahead do it, you’ll feel so much better afterwards. ;0) Hope things pick pick up – your mood, health and word count!

    1. Ohmigosh, I might have to b-slap them! I’m doing much better today. I hope that means I will get back into the groove soon.

  4. Oh Casey, I feel the same way. I have characters from a few different outlines screaming at me and bickering with each other to the point now that they are no longer speaking to each other … or to me! Yikes! I want to go for a walk, but would have to take the box of tissues with me (Achoo) because my allergies are in full bloom. I sit at the computer, looking at the crap I wrote yesterday and wonder how to fix it … (achoo) … the word count is dwindling and the allergy meds are making me sleepy … I do, however, love the comic.

    1. Glad I’m not alone there, Gerri. Galen is still quite peeved that I haven’t finished his book yet. All I need is for him to gang up on me with Devlin and Zephyr. It’s funny that my heroines never give me this kind of flak.

  5. Casey, sorry you have not been feeling so good, a cold really can make you feel quite horrible! Fresh lemon juice mixed with some hot water and honey to taste can be somewhat helpful! 🙂

    1. Thanks Moya! I love lemon juice and honey. My mom always swears by it. And for my boys, who don’t like tea, they will at least drink lemon and honey. Of course if you want to send some of your lemons (or those currant/stout cupcakes), I wouldn’t say no! 🙂

  6. Oh… the best laugh of the day! Too funny! Write this into your next book.

    1. Thanks Julia 🙂 You think these guys are funny, I wish you could read Galen and Jove (from Ascension), they take the cake for smart-mouthed wisecrackery!

    1. Gosh I hope not! I had some kind of strange cold about a month ago and man, did that linger. I’m feeling much better today (after we had rain all day yesterday). Methinks it might have been pollen related. Thanks Savannah 🙂

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