I’m so Pretty – Beautiful Blogger Award

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Sabrina Garie has awarded me The Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you Sabrina!

As most of you may have guessed, there are rules.

Rule #1 – I must share 7 things. Today, I’m going to be different and share fun facts and a secret or two about my characters. Let’s face it, you all must be sick of hearing about me!

Rule #2 – Pass this award to 7 bloggers. More on that later.

From Mystic Ink:

1. Devlin Ward has a potted plant. It’s name is Medusa on account of its snake-like fronds. He would never, ever admit that to anyone
since the real Medusa would not be pleased. And we all know what happens to men who make her angry. Let’s just say it’s not the kind of rock hard Devlin would enjoy.

2. Nix is the most independent of the fifty daughter’s of Nereus. She is adamant about earning her own money and making her own way in the world. Her Uncle Memphis fostered her independence by taking her on as an apprentice in his tattoo shop.

From The Undead Space Initiative:

3.  Cherry Cordial doesn’t like enclosed spaces. Once, when one her fellow vampires jokingly trapped her in a dark closet, she dumped dead fish in their beds for a week.

4. Jonathan, Cherry’s maker, first noticed her because of her beautiful singing voice. It was her rebellious spirit that made him turn her into a vampire. Later, whenever he’d complain about her sassy attitude, Cherry would remind him, “Tough cookies. This is what you signed up for. Don’t blame me that I have big mouth and know how to use it.”  Cherry would like to remind you to get your minds out of the gutter. She’s a stripper, not a whore. Just saying.

From Ascension:

5. Kyra was recruited into the FBI by her boss, Terence Lange after she beat him and hundreds of other veteran sharpshooters at a
regional competition. Lange is inherently distrustful of magic, but does trust Kyra. Both of their understanding of supernatural phenomena are about to be shaken up.

6. Valerian is a stickler for rules and order. Clutter drives him crazy and he can’t stand salt and vinegar chips. Galen uses this information to annoy Valerian every chance he gets. While the two are friends, Valerian is also Galen’s superior, and Galen’s cheekiness often gets him into trouble. Not that Galen would have it any other way!

And from my WIP:

7. This isn’t a character fact per se, but my latest WIP has something to do with fortune cookies and evil spirits. Don’t worry Mystic Ink fans, I am still working on Mystic Storm (Zephyr’s book), but I opted to complete this book first since it was flowing faster.

Seven Beautiful Blogs:

1. Writing Secrets of 7 Scribes – Stop by and say hello. We’re friendly, fun and love to dish about all kinds of topics.

2. Meggan Connors – She makes me laugh with her honesty and self-depreciating humor. I love Edinor and her travels. You have visit her blog to find out who or what Edinor is!

3. Janna Shay – Kind and generous, Janna always makes me smile. She’s also an incredibly supportive and I do appreciate it!

5. Marian Lanouette – A great blogger who shares great advice. Plus, she is one sexy lady. Have you seen her Facebook photo? Her debut novel – If I Fail –  comes out in September.

6. Leia Shaw – Whether she’s blogging at her own site (The Paranormal G-spot) or at Nights of Passion, she always has something interesting to say.

7. Julia Rachel Barrett – C’mon, did you think I wouldn’t pick the lovely Julia? Julia blogs every day and it’s always worth reading.

To the recipients of the Beautiful Blogger Award – go forth and share the beauty!

And feel free to share your favorite blog (s) with me! 

20 thoughts on “I’m so Pretty – Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for your generous words. You’re an incredible author and literary sister, and very deserving of this award. You’re a hard-working lady who I enjoy following both here and on the scribes. Your posts are always interesting and entertaining.

  2. Fun getting inside your character’s heads, Casey. One of my favorite blogs is The Writer’s Guide to E-publishing. Tons of great info!

    1. I’m starting to run out of my own facts, so I have to use my characters! I will check the blog out. Thanks for the tip PJ.

  3. Casey, thanks so much for this and all the compliments. I like your, the Seven Scribes, PJ Sharons, Nights of Passion, Plotting Princesses and Kristina Knights.

  4. What a great twist, telling us character facts! Do you have a working title for your current WIP? You are so creative. I can’t wait to hear more.

    1. I do, Tam. I will be revealing it shortly, hopefully along with a brief excerpt. I just finished the first draft. But, it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. I’m so relieved to have the whole thing on paper!

  5. You deserve it, but oh gosh! I’ll get to it! Leaving town for 5 days. Wait till I get back!

    1. Thanks Savannah! It was fun getting back into their heads. Except for my WIP – I’ve been away from them for a while!

  6. What a wonderful and creative way to use the award. Always nice to have a reason to go back and visit your characters and give us the opportunity to learn more about them.

    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me Sabrina. I hope you win the Stroke of Midnight Contest in your category – congratulations on finaling!

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