60 Inches of Glory!

Well, it finally happened. A moment that I wished for and dreaded at the same time – our big screen television died. I admit for the last few years, I’ve had a serious case of TV envy. Everyone around us was upgrading to sleek, thin paneled models while we still had a big behemoth projection box. But there was no way we were going to buy another TV as long as the old one worked.

Then, a few weeks ago, the TV started acting up. I knew the symptoms. We’d had this brand before and it showed signs of imminent demise, the non-operable kind. I could barely contain my glee, but remained silent since I know Hubby would not be receptive to any TV replacement overtures.

When we bought our 50″ TV a mere eight years ago, it was not quite cutting edge HD, but it was better than what we’d had before – a 36 incher. A few years ago, we switched to ATT Uverse and started using the lone HDMI port and our picture got even better.

Earlier, I mentioned dread – that would be the cost of replacing the television. Well, we had to bite the bullet. The old TV died on a Sunday and there was no way I was missing all my favorite programs.

After cruising around our town comparing  features, prices, and the amount of HDMI ports, we purchased a new 60 inch HDTV at Costco. For good measure, I bought a blue ray player and Hubby added a sound bar.

Woohoo! We plugged that baby in and connected all the new toys and HOLY CRAP, we spent the entire day glued to the television. The picture quality was so incredible and different from what’d been watching that I thought my brain would overload.

The real mind freak moment came when we played a blue ray copy of Thor. We meant to watch just a few minutes for comparison purposes, but that didn’t happen. Two hours later and with copious amounts of drool (that would be mine – hello, shirtless Chris Hemsworth), we collectively realized that we’d re-watched the entire film.

And I awoke from my HD induced stupor and thought – crap! I haven’t written a thing today. Agggh!

After a week of – wow, look at that picture – I’m finally back on track. I completed the first draft of my new book. And surprise, it’s not Mystic Storm. Once I have the blessing of my excellent beta-readers, I’ll share more details.

In the meantime, in case you missed it –  here’s the cover to The Undead Space Initiative coming soon in July! I’m very excited to share this book with everyone.

And if you haven’t stopped by the Scribes today, I’d love it if you’d visit and join in the discussion  – Sex and Zero G.

Who else loves their TV set? If not, what is your dream/favorite gadget?

18 thoughts on “60 Inches of Glory!

    1. Thanks Gerri. I’m almost done editing the first draft. Once I get that done, I will share what the book is about and the title.

    1. You know when people say – seeing is believing? I had that moment with this TV. I had no idea what I’d been missing all this time. We can have our very own special “drool over Chris Hemsworth party”.

    1. Yes, it is a real treat. I can’t wait to see Avengers (on DVD 9/25!) on those 60 inches. Credit for the book cover goes to Lex Valentine and Winterheart Designs. I feel lucky to have two awesome covers!

  1. 60 inches of what? Oh yeah, a television! Thor… le sigh… He’s very cute. I’d forget what I was doing too.

  2. Congrats on your TV and your new book. The cover is great.
    Phew…… I was able to write what I needed to say before I needed a towel to wipe up the 60″ of drool.
    Damn – he’s gorgeous.
    Thank you for the gorgeous pictures. Can’t wait to hear what your book is about.

  3. Thanks for the picture of Chris, and I know exactly how you feel. We went through the same thing recenly and I was hypnotized by my new TV for a week!

    1. I admit, I still stop and stare at the picture with wide eyed wonder! I’m looking forward to watching Avengers next (September 25th!).

  4. Congrats on the new cover and the new TV! When my husband wanted to be this huge TV from one of our neighbors that was offering it for a great deal, I rolled my eyes but allowed it. Then we had to move across country and leave everything in storage for a few years. I can’t tell you how much I hate the computer monitor that we use to watch movies and how much I miss our glamorous TV that by now is probably way outdated. Happy to hear that you enjoyed your new blessing with a bit of Chris Hemsworth…yum.

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